Thursday, December 13, 2018


Campaigning during the holiday season must be getting to an otherwise mild-mannered Northland council dude.

To wit . . .


First up, Dave Helling tastes the pain from across the bridge . . .

The Kansas City Star columnist recently wrote a column that only about 6 people read and 5 of them were paid to do so . . . Checkit: 

Why are Kansas and Missouri still paying for elected officials’ public pensions?

It's sleepy public policy screed that's slightly less exciting than root canal.

However, the FACT CHECK from the City Council dude was fast & furious . . .

Councilman Scott Wagner Via FB: "I read a very disappointing editorial in the Kansas City Star this morning that took a discussion of Jackson County's pensions for elected officials and flipped it to an attack on the Council and was full of inaccuracies. Let me tell you how it works.

"When I came in to office in 2011 a change was made by the prior council that City Council members would go from a defined benefit to a defined contribution system upon retirement. For me that means that approximately $236 per pay period is placed into a 401(a) account that I invest however I wish until such time as my service ends. And when I "retire" then that's it from the City. When that's exhausted that's it. I can also invest part of my paycheck in a 457a account to the degree I want to invest more. No guaranteed checks as long as I live. That's changed.

"As far as Health Insurance is concerned I have access to the City's Health, Vision and Dental plans...and I get to pay for those, too. I have only the benefit of being in a plan that has thousands of members. Nevertheless, I pay hundreds of dollars a month for the coverage I have. I can keep that coverage when I leave the City...and I would have to pay for that, too.

"I was amazed to read that I was underpaid and that I need to pay for my own retirement and insurance. That's exactly what I do.

"By now I know elected officials are easy targets for hit pieces like these. I would just appreciate a little bit of homework from those who wish to tell you "how things are".

And then . . .


Once again, here's the word from "Wagner The Warrior" via his FB:

"Apparently this is a day to be disappointed in some things. Many folks from the Northland have received mailings from a colleague of mine who is running for Mayor taking credit for things like the Northland Fire Station currently under construction, the Anita Gorman pool, Antioch Center's redevelopment and other things that I and my Northland colleagues put untold hours into. If you are curious as to that persons role, they voted for them, just as I voted for developments in their area, but I won't be sending mailers taking credit for those projects."

Yeah, he's talking about the 6th District dude or at least didn't correct assertions in the same thread.

And so, it's nice to see this otherwise reserved politico put a little salt into his game and push back against colleagues who are rarely challenged.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Good for him.

it's about time our candidate started debating instead of just agreeing about everything with one another.

Anonymous said...

Both are idiots.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I was one of the six people who read hellings strange column. It seemed like misdirected hostility. Why attack elected officials like that-they may be flawed but they are all we got and they face the voters. If he wants to target budget-busting pension obligations what about police and fire pensions? Not to mention overtime abuse. Gosh Sanders is going to jail because of like $16k of campaign funds misused (NOT taxpayer $) but these KCFD fraudsters are stealing millions from this broke-ass city yearly. Good for Wagner for pushing back. Helling doesn't mind bc it's attention to something he wrote.

Anonymous said...

Too funny, I got four mailings from Taylor yesterday. They were all the same mailer. One had my regular name and the next had my middle name. The wife had the same treatment. If Taylor is going handle campaign expenses this way then what will he do “as a work horse not a show horse” as mayor. Pass and no, I am not going to the BBQ joint to hear you peat and repeat your message. Lol.

Anonymous said...

Taylor has plenty of money from the lug developers have to contribute to his campaign to get anything from his Planning, Zoning & Economic Development Committee passed.

Anonymous said...

Dave Helling is a left wing commie, he should shut up and retire.

Anonymous said...

At least they’re white.