Kansas City COMBAT Takeover Conversation

Our blog community BROKE THIS STORY BACK IN OCTOBER but here's a more in-depth report with a nice interview and some insight about the job, the controversy surrounding this appointment and the impending audit fight that will focus on this taxpayer backed effort and fund transfers from Exec Frank White's Administration . . .

Vince Ortega selected as Director of COMBAT, meets with Northeast Community

After serving 30 years at the Kansas City Police Department, Vince Ortega has been selected as Director of Jackson County COMBAT, an organization designated to rooting out crime in Kansas City. Ortega says there were several factors that drew him to this position, but ultimately he is looking forward to where he can take the organization in the future.


  1. There'll be an endless line of people who want to meet with him.
    He's sitting on $20 million/year in tax money and a program that has no real parameters for spending it or any accountability at all for the outcomes of the "nonprofits" or "programs" it funds.
    How about a few more $15,000 picnics or more yard signs?
    And it's unlikely Vince will be able to say "NO" after a few visits and phone calls from the usual suspects.
    A magnet for grifters.

  2. ^^ Well stated.

  3. Why do we keep recycling the same people into these top positions? Although a novel concept in the beginning, the tax for drug treatment and prevention has done little to stop the flow of drugs in our community and definitely hasn't lowered crime. I think its time to use the money to put people in jail.

  4. Let's contact all the Black Churches and pay for them sending their "Rent-A-Mob" teams to a "Vigil" to show support for Ortega!

    T-shirts, balloons, candles and Hot Chocolate for all!
    Coverage by every TV Station in town for three days!

  5. Drugs are the root cause of shootings in kc and around the country. Eliminate mexican drugs eliminates people tweaking with guns.


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