In what might've been the most impressive game of the season so far, the Kansas City Chiefs held on to a close 40-33 victory over the Oakland Raiders.

To be fair, the refs nearly handed another West Coast team a victory, the Raiders played at a higher level than they had all year against KC team - Probably sensing a bit of weakness . . . And most importantly, whilst it was clear that the Chiefs missed Kareem Hunt following his controversial dismissal -- The team used other weapons in their arsenal in order to play a more well-rounded game.

Here are some of our favorite news links on the topic for tonight's roundup . . .

Sunday Winning Playback

Kansas City Chiefs hold off Oakland Raiders in AFC West showdown

The Kansas City Chiefs played their first game without running back Kareem Hunt on Sunday against the Oakland Raiders, only two days after he was released by the organization on Friday. Despite a porous defensive effort and plenty of penalties, the Chiefs were able to walk away with a 40-33 road win over Oakland.

Kansas City Graven Image Celebration

Thanks to Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs tattoos score big | The Kansas City Star

Tattoo artist Jeremy Taylor - stout at 35, and with his body fully inked to include a Kansas City Chiefs arrow on his left pinkie, an arrowhead on his right wrist and a tiny but faded Chiefs helmet beneath his left eye (He's having that removed.

Great Day For Great Value Gronk

Travis Kelce shines as Chiefs beat Raiders 40-33

The Kansas City Chiefs hardly dominated the Oakland Raiders in Oakland, but they did hold on to beat their longtime division rivals 40-33, extending their record to 10-2 - and continuing their domination of the AFC. Full game stats from NFL.com The Raiders won the toss and deferred to the second half.

Hotel Fight Regret

Kareem Hunt: 'I regret my decision I made that night'

FAIRWAY, KS (KCTV) -- Kareem Hunt, who was released by the Kansas City Chiefs on Friday night, made an appearance on ESPN's Sunday NFL Countdown this morning. It is his first interview since he was released and it lasted about 10 minutes. ESPN said the interview was done at the request of Kareem Hunt.

10 Game Win Season Mark

Chiefs Defeat Raiders, 40-33, for 10th Victory of the Season

The Chiefs bested the Raiders in Oakland on Sunday

Sunday Confessional . . .

Kareem Hunt 'extremely embarrassed' by video, apologizes for actions in ESPN interview

In an interview with ESPN, former Kansas City Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt says he is embarrassed by his actions. Video surfaced Friday of a February incident in which Hunt is seen knocking over and kicking a woman in a Cleveland hotel hallway. TMZ first obtained a copy of that video.

Final Word . . .

Mahomes on Hunt: 'We don't do those things'

9:41 PM ET Adam TeicherESPN Staff Writer Close Covered Chiefs for 20 seasons for Kansas City Star Joined ESPN in 2013 OAKLAND, Calif. -- Patrick Mahomes became friends with Kareem Hunt last year, when they were part of the same Kansas City Chiefs draft class.

Developing . . .


  1. They don't need Kareem Hunt. Spencer Ware did a fine job today and will only get better this season with more carries.

    This is the best team KC has seen in 50 years and today they showed as much.

    1. One.

      And done.

    2. ^^^^^^^^^^^ Total BS. The team is better than that and the Chiefs have already accomplished more in the playoffs than that a couple of years ago. This is a Super Bowl team. Wait and see!

  2. Mahomes looked nervous today.

    And I don't think the O-line problem is solved just yet.

    1. Two and done.

      Just to be fair.

  3. "Whilst?"

    Are you some kind of retard?

  4. Mr. Cumberbatch12/2/18, 9:43 PM

    ^^^^^ Lol. You're reading this blog @9:36 on a Sunday and asking somebody else that question.

    I think TKC was just trying to be fancy WHILST you are just an arse.

    Deal with it.

    Or go take a sh*t with your clothes on. Either way, have fun!

  5. ^^^^^ Sounds like our real retard has emerged.

  6. Hey now, let's get a hold of art wig into veg shant we? Look at this Victory objectively the Raiders were not much of a team they have been playing substandard football all season long. The fact that they were able to get so close to the Chiefs signals that this team is in a tougher spot than most of our local broadcasters believe. I think we're seeing the beginning of the end for Kansas City and this victory should be savored because it's obvious that things are going to get a lot tougher for this team.

  7. The Chiefs have zero chance in the playoffs, not because they no longer have ghetto thug hunt. They have zero chance because they have a senile old fuck Bob Sutton as defensive coordinator and a bunch of inept chickenshit pussies playing defense.

  8. Chief's will sign La ' Von Bell , then crush ALL for the next 10 years ! Yes , in fact that can be done even with the cap issues for next year hopefully it will take place !!!

  9. The Artful Clincher12/3/18, 12:12 AM

    Woo boy, the Chiefs are so damn good! Love them to pieces and like the way they covered that spread, covered that spread real good! I like them so much, why Hell, they can have sex with my wife! As long as I can get to watch from the corner! Fap,fap,fap,fap,fap,fap! Finish. Sniffle.

    So nice.

  10. men are whores

  11. @12:12 One thing you'll never do is cover a spread.

  12. Chiefs win. EOS.


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