Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Kansas City Chiefs QB Crowned King Of Ketchup: Patrick Mahomes Late Night Movies

Tonight we take a pause to consider the low-end endorsement deals currently enjoyed by Kansas City quarterback sensation Patrick Mahomes.

Cereal and ketchup are nice but sneakers, tech, beer, discount insurance and male grooming supplies offer typically bigger paydays for jocks. Maybe the market is telling us something that local fanboys might not realize . . . OR, of course, the biggest payoff for everybody is after a Super Bowl win.

But let's not get carried away with X-mas dreaming.

Instead, here's a quickie lineup of Youtube movies on the topic of the KC Star footballer for our late night and shift worker pals.

Better Sports Newsie Consideration

Tomato Sugar Paste Sneak Peek

Kansas City Talking Points

Even better, there are still a few days to make a snarky hipster fanboy gear statement proving that just about everybody in town has hitched their fortunes to this raising star.

Hopefully, more for the morning update . . . STAY TUNED!!!


Anonymous said...

The endorsement deals probably beat what blogging pays.


Greedo said...

^^^ Lulz.

I don't think TKC would argue that, even if he suffers the same concussion risk from banging his head against his keyboard. Sorry dude.

Anonymous said...

Interesting point about the advertising market taking a wait and see approach on Mahomes. Maybe, but let's not forget that he, hopefully, has a very long career ahead of him. The shoe contracts will come his way in due time and it's actually a good sign that his team is starting him off slow.

Anonymous said...

What would patty flakes taste like? And would you put ketchup on them?

On the bright side, Hunt's is smart on this deal. I'm pretty sure at least 50,000 Kc households are going to switch brands because of the deal once the product is available.

Anonymous said...

pretty sure the unlicensed t-shirts kept half of independence afloat this Christmas. thank you patrick.

Anonymous said...

Try not to choke on them.

Anonymous said...

^^^ LOL!

Anonymous said...

How many geezers wear Mahomes jerseys.

Anonymous said...

^^Your daddy for one.

Anonymous said...

Fun stuff. He may not get the good deals now but there is no doubt the kid has talent and hopefully will go far!