Kansas City Chiefs' Playoff Season Hype Threatens Fanboy Finances

Great look at how local news will mislead a great many locals out of middle-class life and into a vicious cycle of more debt. Take a look and money spent to support millionaire athlete and billionaire owners in their quest for glory:

Chiefs fans planning for post-season will likely spend pretty penny

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) --Sunday's spectacular victory against the Ravens in overtime clinched the Chiefs post-season ticket. Dedicated fans aren't wasting any time getting their tickets either. Business is in full speed at Shelton's Travel. "I wish I could give you some of the names of people who have already booked," said Mark Ebbitts, Pres.


  1. Whip out those credit cards. Borrow from the future so we can live it up today!

  2. ^^says the broke-geezer worried about what everyone else does with their money! Sad pathetic bastard.

  3. NFL, for the rich.

  4. People still use Travel Agencies?

  5. I used to be surprised that people used travel agencies. However, old folk who may not be as computer savvy, may not have good organization or planning skillz, or simply are wealthy enough not to care. Well, I can see the benefit in that scenario. For myself, I'm too poor to do anything but drive to the suburbs to see how the plebes live.


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