Kansas City Chiefs Must Confront Eternity

Just wanted to share what is most likely the greatest sports writing offered up today. Take a look at an EPIC column that ponders the big question and the fate of this season of hype in the midst of the unknown. Read more:

If the Kansas City Chiefs want to write a new ending, they have to fear death

When the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Oakla nd Raiders on Sunday, their 2018 losses will cease to matter. They'll lock up the #1 AFC playoff seed, the postseason will run though Arrowhead Stadium, and every team will be back to 0-0. All that will matter for the 2018 Chiefs is the ending.


  1. Thats a long way saying STOP WITH THE PASS INTERFERANCE calls

  2. The KC Chiefs have a great business plan. Raise prices each year, create just enough hype to keep fans paying to see the team until December and then enjoying the profits until next season. The dummies are the ones who keep paying for tickets expecting a different outcome. Until they lose money, there won’t be!

  3. I wonder how this guy's column will read after the Chiefs get upset by Oakland?

  4. Very good column. Good for an Internet scribe.

    And if the Chiefs lose to Denver. You might as well just trade Mahomes to some place where he can make a difference.


  5. No one cares about the chiefs or the NFL they are just taking up space on here!

    Forget about it Tony!

  6. ^^^^ I care! I get a laugh out of seeing them lose every season. It's great fun to watch how easily people are misled.

  7. This story is one of the best articles I read on the Chiefs this year.
    It makes you wonder why the Star doesn’t produce stuff like this... we read crap that gray haired writers who want to throw shade on Clark Hunt over hat he said or didn’t say on the dismissal of player Hunt. Readers have moved on and the Chiefs handled that fast and with audacity and the old grayed hair writer doesn’t matter - relegated to old school thinking.
    We need young thinking with laser focus to produce a story line that shows the future with Mensa dynamics.... this is it and “the why” the Chiefs will prevail.


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