Monday, December 03, 2018

Kansas City Charter School Access Update

This news never gets a lot of hits or causes controversy but it's important to inform people about better options than the FAILING local school district that might be making progress in terms of branding but really isn't a viable option for families with the exception of its charter program. Checkit:

Applying To Most Charter Schools Is About To Get Easier For Kansas City Families

Starting Monday, families living within Kansas City Public Schools boundaries can apply to 16 charter schools with a common application. "Parents don't have to go to four different schools and fill out four separate applications," Latresse Yarbough, the chief operating officer for Kansas City Neighborhood Academy, said.


Anonymous said...

Sooner or later, they're going to limit the Charters because they're losing too many students. Almost double the side of KCPS.

Anonymous said...

Save some time and just move.

Anonymous said...

how many years did it take to consolidate paperwork
As soon as KCI was built they realized there was no common space. They realized that when TWA built their terminal in NY and fixed it immediately, KC has been sitting on the problem since they built it. And the original designers of KCI knew a hell of a lot more about what they were doing than the team JJ assembled. If anyone goes to the moon again, that'd be shocking.

Anonymous said...

10:42, what do you mean, they're "losing too many students?" Misplacing them? Or just getting rid of students whose behavior is so bad that it is an impediment to learning by those who want to learn?