Saturday, December 15, 2018

Kansas City Catholic Protest Today

Most of the media took a pass on this protest today but the newspaper was there to dutifully document this continued argument against local misdeeds AND naming more alleged nasty clerics. Even better, here's the PRESSER wherein most of the report was cribbed. Checkit:

KC dioceses should post names of accused priests, SNAP says | The Kansas City Star

A group that represents survivors of clergy sex abuse called on the dioceses of Kansas City and Kansas City, Kan., to post online the names of religious leaders credibly accused of abuse. Some dioceses already are.


Anonymous said...

Ummmm. Could we just let them be innocent until proven guilty rather than have them tried and convicted by the media?

Anonymous said...

Presumption of innocence is no longer something we do in America. Chuck Schumer said so himself.

Anonymous said...

Hes a fucking Jew. Who cares what he says?

Anonymous said...

Priest always pick on the ugly kids.