Kansas City Blogging War On Terror

This town's foremost expert of matters of faith offers his perspective on foreign policy and the underlying premise of recent military actions that has the Prez under fire from some generals and his own party. Here's the word:

Time for Americans to talk war and peace: 12-26-18

Last week, soon after President Trump declared victory over the ISIS terrorists in Syria and Iraq and ordered U.S. troops to come home, his secretary of defense, Jim Mattis, resigned in protest. Well, it was protest of that and other...


  1. Let's talk sugar donuts and Chiefs.

  2. All you need to do is put Get Trump! in your headlines.

  3. Bill Tammeus Scores Par For His Course, And Blunders Yet Again!

    In what is really just another excuse to bash President Trump, Tammeus spews garbage disinformation while masquerading as a caring peacemaker.

    He apparently has no clue as to what's happened over the past 20 years in relation to U.S. foreign policy in regards to the region, following the events of 9/11.

    He clings to an extremely flawed explanation of what happened on 9/11/01. That he's completely willing to swallow the bitter pill of psychological warfare employed against the American public speaks legions, and clues the reader that he's unable to discern reality from a fabricated narrative.

    Here's the most important question he asked: "Are there still sources we can trust to provide accurate and useful information and analysis to help us with such questions?"

    Mr. Tammeus is NOT a trustworthy source for accurate information.

  4. Libtards!

    Deal with reality. Terrorists are coming and yes they do not have white skin. You cannot live with them or reason with them. Our taxes are unbearable because we have to keep paying for these animals.

    Trump wants to keep them out for our safety and theirs. When they get close we need to kill them all. It is better that they stay away in their shithole countries.

  5. Bill is a liar.

    And does his best to help the local atheists.

  6. ^^^...and you're a fucking moron so there.

  7. 9:37, your little arrows and your grammar give you away.

    I know who you are now.

  8. ^^ You don't even know what day it is retard.

  9. 9:37/10:50, why so bitchy? Oh, that's right, your former wife had an affair with your pastor during your marriage. What's her side of the story? Hmmmmmm....

  10. "...foremost expert of matters of faith..."

    That's the exact same thing as saying he talks to Thor on a daily basis.

  11. Dead George Bush and his getting richer buddies started all the Mideast wars to make money. Hell he cut corners to save on 9/11, two planes took out three buildings....

  12. 11:25 are you saying those posts were from Billy? Hhmmmmmmmmmmmmm...? You know, why DID HIS wife feel like she needed "comfort" from the pastor?

  13. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday vowed to drive out a US-backed Kurdish militia and jihadists from Syria as Kurdish forces there warned that any attack by Ankara could seriously undermine the fight against the Islamic State

  14. The White House currently has no plans for a comprehensive Afghanistan policy review, officials said. While one could take place after a new U.S. military commander of the war takes over in coming weeks, some officials said the president's team has been reluctant to conduct one now out of concern about what the president will decide.

    Prince said he hopes to speak in coming days with some officials on the National Security Council about his proposal. He said that while last year he discussed it with Defense Secretary James Mattis and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo when Pompeo was CIA director, he has not spoken to John Bolton, who become Trump's third national security adviser in April.


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