Kansas City At Epicenter Of Copper Crime Spree Amid Increasing Po'Folk Harsh Times

A missive on a trend that darkened one of the deadliest streets in Kansas City and presents a growing threat across the nation. Take a look:

Copper Thieves Strike America's Roadways

Just after midnight in September, a pickup truck struck and killed a 55-year-old woman crossing an intersection in a motorized wheelchair on a dark stretch of a highway in Kansas City, Missouri. The streetlights had gone out there - after thieves stole their copper wiring.


  1. They have this setup all over Chicago and it doesnt help. They just shoot each other over sneakers or drugs and run off. Just like in KCMO.

  2. Copper stripping is the official state sport of Missouri

  3. At this point, vigilante justice may be in order. That's probably the only way to get more street cops.

  4. That poor lady in the wheelchair wouldn't have been any safer with street lights.

  5. meth is a hell of a drug.

  6. Apparently city hall gave up on the New York newsie for writing dictated stories and the city has switched to the Huffington Post. One is as bad as the other.


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