Thursday, December 27, 2018

Kansas City Artsy Border Journal Revealed

Creative documentation of a growing crisis over a smallish fence . . . Given that human history shows us that stopping the migration of people across any land bridge is a temporary endeavor at best. Checkit:

This Kansas City Artist Traveled 2,000 Miles To Report From The U.S.-Mexico Border

Over the last few weeks, as Kansas City artist Israel Garcia made his way through Texans' backyards to the barrier that divides the United States from Mexico, he imagined everyone in the neighborhood would be well-versed on immigration policy. "My assumption was if this border fence is your backyard fence that you'd be completely informed.


Jewspic said...

Too bad he didn't stay down there.

Anonymous said...

KCUR, certified left leaning pinko crap.

Anonymous said...

Kansas City U.N. Radio

Anonymous said...

Why isn't he in his own country helping to build it if he's such a genius?