Kansas City Affordable Housing Chatter Before Next Market Downturn

Political speculation that won't matter much as the markets take a turn for the worse . . . Read more:

Seg. 1: How To Provide Affordable Housing In Kansas City. Seg. 2: The College Football Playoffs.

Increasing demand combined with diminished funding has brought the issue of affordable housing in Kansas City, Missouri, to the fore. Because of 18,000 off-market, vacant units that are neither for sale nor for rent, there is a surplus of housing, and repairing or repurposing existing housing could provide homes for folks looking to live in the city.


  1. We need some Section 8 downtown. The increase in crime alone would drive the homosexuals out. There are way too many homosexuals downtown.

  2. ^^^ that’s true and funny!!!

    Jesus Christ captcha is out of control

  3. Nobody can afford to give the blacks some place to live, they destroy everything they touch

  4. We need to keep building more luxury big box apartments! And expensive homes! As fast as possible!

  5. Actually, if the put some section 8 downtown, we need a lot of homosexuals to serve as crime victims. They’re weak and are pussies who won’t fight back.

  6. The minions at city hall have trouble comprehending anything.

    Section 8 downtown is a great idea as this would put the residents closer to the public trough and they could also walk to the Sprint Center.

  7. The Great Sly James needs to put on his Toot Toot hat and say.. the young want affordable and by golly we're gonna give it to em.

  8. The definition of "affordable" housing, either renting or buying, is having a little money left over so you can eat.


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