Kansas City $27-MILLION Parking Garage Giveaway Coming Soon In 2019?!?!

KSHB roundup after a week of debate shares Council talking points and the hint that this big money scheme will endure continued debate at locals grow weary of developer benefits. Read more:

City could pay millions to bring new office tower downtown

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Some council members are asking how much is too much when it comes to bringing a new office tower and parking garage downtown. "A question that I have asked and a question that my colleagues have asked as well is how many more garages are we going to build?"


  1. And just when the economy is not looking good another handout

  2. Of course there's always (chuckle) the possibility (snicker) that the Mayor and Council (giggle) could tell a Developer (grin) NO!

  3. Quinton Lucas??
    Quinton "Sly Jr." Lucas questioning giving a Developer Tax Money?


    Either this is a campaign stunt or Quinton's "little white envelope" wasn't heavy enough!

    1. Quinton is arrogant and aloof. He’s nothing more than a typical liberal. What happened to his DUI?

  4. We are all one percenters according to sLIE and his endless handouts to the Uber rich, sLIE once said that taxpayers should quit bitching and suck it up. Now that’s moving forward with momentum or else! Hahahahaha!

  5. This is the same garage give away deal that the City gave to J E Dunn Construction company, with the City paying Dunn Construction to Build the garage,and the City entering into a perpetual agreement to maintain and operate the garage. Dunn Construction gets a free garge at City taxpayer costs. Oh I failed to mention that the City used eminent domain to clear the block for the J E Dunn Construction Company---another taxpayer expense. What a sweet sweet deal for the J e Dunn Construction Company. Oh, I forgot to mention that the City also purchased at premium cost the old downtown location of the J E Dunn Construction Company at tax payer expense.


  7. The only way the city building a parking garage for this office tower makes ANY sense is if the city gets to keep ALL of the profits generated from the garage. That's not happening with the Cordish deal.

    Why should our tax dollars go to build a garage that will primarily benefit some super rich developer. Not to mention the other tax incentives the developer is going to likely be getting on top of everything else.

    This makes no sense and the city needs to desperately get out of these types of deal unless the deal is for the city to receive all the profits. If WE are going to pay for it then WE should get the benefit. Plain and simple.

    But as we all know, that's not how S'lie rolls. He's all about cronyism and looking out for his rich buddies. So we'll likely be paying for this garage for many years to come while our schools, streets, etc continue to crumble and our taxes continue to increase to make up for the deficits S'lie, Queen Kay and Cleaver have been creating for decades and S'lie and his rich buddies laugh all the way to the bank on our backs.


  8. We passed too much years ago.

  9. Yet another gigantic ripoff. They already are half empty down there!


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