Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Kangaroos Share Kansas City Crying Game

Wonderfully snarky guide to sacred city college spots wherein tears are shed liberally. Read more:

Top Five Places to Cry on Campus

Finals are approaching faster than you think. Many Roos will probably be crying in their pouches. The stress of the last few weeks for many students on campus can be emotional, so here are a few places to cry on campus.


Anonymous said...

Do they have teddy bears and blankys? Poor babies, god help us all!

Anonymous said...

I assume the girls are the ones looking for some place to cry. The guys are looking for some place to suck some cock. About 90-95% of them are homosexuals.

Anonymous said...

^^^ now there’s some truth right there!

Anonymous said...

This is true about the high percentage of homosexuals. I know some hot little sluts there that can’t even get fucked. Their loss, my gain.