Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Johnson County Paying $250K For FAILED Kansas City Transit Experiment

Presser news from lesser news outlets missed the big picture about this on-demand bus service that was a bust in KCMO and now earns a second chance in the Golden Ghetto. Here's a tease on the topic of a suburban experiment:

KC Biz Journal: JoCo rolls out micro-transit pilot

"Now the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority and Johnson County are testing another micro-transit program, but this time with Ford-owned Transloc.

"To use the service, riders can either use the app or call a number and they'll be picked up from a designated nearby corner. The program's technology will determine the most efficient routes, and the hope is that it creates a more feasible and sustainable alternative to the full-sized city buses that run routes in the suburbs. Wait times at pickup points are expected to be 15 minutes or less."

It's called "RideKC Microtransit" which also sounds like a horrible STD.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

It should have worked in KC. This was a better market for it.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Agree.

Anonymous said...

At least there are no tracks to pull up after the experiment, a bus can change routes or be sold.

Anonymous said...

You're right that the better market was probably in KCMO.
But KCMO is best known for big big plans, even bigger announcements, spending lots and lots of money, but not being able to pull much of anything off in a credible professional way.
In fact, that crowd couldn't run a one-car garage.
Sad for the largest municipality in the metro, but too true.