Jackson County Vaporware Ride Cont'd

Actually, this is a slowdown in giving as Feds realize they've been paying out big bucks for what is essentially an abandoned dirt road that was initiated by a felon who is currently locked up in Federal prison. Read more:

Feds earmark $250,000 for Rock Island Corridor

The Federal Transit Administration Tuesday announced that a Kansas City-area project will receive $250,000 in funding.


  1. Rock Island is welfare for Eastern Jack lawyers. That is all.

  2. More accountability would be nice, and a method to recoup squandered money. However, there are some areas that took advantage of the funding and fully used it to develop out trails. I know, I know, in KCMO trails are a good placed to get raped and killed, but in CoMo, they've built a nice, attractive, safe trail system that almost bounds the entire City. Would be nice to have that here, but the criminal element(elephant) in the room puts that swiftly to sleep.

  3. Gee, if we only had a like a real metropolitan newspaper that could investigate and find out who's making money off this boondoggle. A lot of the major cities have newspapers now. Just a pipe dream for KC I guess.

  4. people could go into Cit Meetings and record the sessions and post them online for others' to research. There's a lot of people who can't make it to a 9 am meeting at City Hall but sure would like to know. Other options would be to force City Hall to conduct meetings when working people are off in the evening?

  5. ^^^ the second option is best but they'll never do that. They want the public blind and just accepting their pr. I agree with the comment at 3:20. There are parts of this that are worthwhile but the whole thing needs to be far more transparent.


    When disgraced former Jackson County Executive Mike Sanders reported to prison in November, his cellmate Richard Longfellow welcomed him with a complimentary cavity search!!!

  7. Slie will be pissed since the fair weather toy train did not receive any federal funds and the Rock Island Corridor did.

    Another job well done.


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