Jackson County Courthouse Consideration

Politicos help a longtime local denizen of the game get a recently devised benefit. Take a look:

Jackson County Legislature Considers Changing Pension RuleThat Would Benefit New Member

Buried deep on the agenda of last week's Jackson County Legislature meeting was an ordinance that would repeal a section "relating to the Jackson County Employees' Pension Plan." The language is thick and a bit confusing. But it boils down to this: The ordinance would help boost the income of Ron Finley.


  1. Why would Frankie boy do this? He’s already drawing a pension from kcmo and he’s a lawyer, how much money does he need to steal from the taxpayers, Jesus Christ this is a real shit show with all these coloreds in charge.

  2. You know what’s worse? There are employees working for Jackson county for over twenty five years that won’t get half the pension this Asshole will get, ITS NOT RIGHT.

  3. Finley is such a dick.

  4. If Jackson County and KCMO eliminated pensions for the electeds, maybe they wouldn't have lifer politicos who go from one job to another looking out for their "careers" instead of the taxpaying public.
    And save lots of money too!

  5. There is no valid reason for an elected official to ever receive a pension. First of all no official should serve long enough to draw a significant amount. Second does anyone think that offering a pension attracts a more qualified candidate? Its simply a perk that those in charge vote for themselves hoping the electorate doesn't pay attention.

  6. if you good at pissing of all your colleagues for representing pissed off constituents, you may need pension, but most want a pension for trying to suck their own dick.


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