Monday, December 17, 2018

Jack Cashill Proves Himself To Be An Old Fogey But Probably Somewhat Correct

A prudish rebuke of the sexual revolution and feminism still manages to reveal some salacious deets from a recent Kansas sex crime case. Kansas City's leading conservative might have also inadvertently reminded us that not all soldiers are heroes. Read more:

Kansas Arrest Suggests How Sexual Revolution Has Gone Awry - The Sentinel

Behind the arrest Saturday of 31-year-old Andrew Mitchell O'Brien, a soldier on active duty at Fort Riley, there is a story that needs to be told, the story of how the often praised "sexual revolution" is costing lives and dollars on a grand scale.


Anonymous said...

Grew up in the fifties, glad Jack Cashill lived in an area that didn't have and pedophiles or rapists, because the little town of 260 I lived in sure as hell had both.

A;; the horrid "sexual revolution" did was give women some measure of power and control in their live, obviously an odious development in Cashill's view.

Anonymous said...

i did not read this but the above comment is not completely at odds with the title and the title not completely at odds with the above comment

Anonymous said...

Yea, like every other geezer, he has no fucking idea what he’s saying. Typical pants-shitter rhetoric.

Anonymous said...

If Jack Cashill is an "old fogey"......the world needs more old fogeys.

The case in question dealt with a 31-year-old man attempting sexual relations with a 16-year-old girl. Vodka and handcuffs were his accessories of choice.