Horrific Blue Springs Impact Last Night

Sad holiday story and a reminder to everybody to drive safely over as the rush to the holiday begins. Checkit:

Crash in Blue Springs kills 3 people

BLUE SPRINGS, MO (KCTV) -- The authorities have confirmed an accident has killed three people in Blue Springs. The crash involved two vehicles and happened just before 8 p.m. on Saturday in the area of NW Indian Hills Drive and NW Duncan Road. At least three people were killed.


  1. People on phones are worse than drunk drivers.

  2. True dat, 756. For real. Accident fatalities have gone up in recent years even though cars are safer and fewer people drink and drive... it's the phones.

  3. you're safer sharing the road with an impaired - even drunk! - driver than a texting-obsessed driver. Couple inexperienced drivers (teens/young adults) + inattention/texting and you've got dead bodies.

  4. If you toot your horn at an inattentive/phone-obsessed driver acting like a jackass, they often have the gall to flip you off or somehow suggest you're being a bad person - especially in Johnson County! Unbelievable. Your "totally bored at sixty second traffic light" text message just prevented 2 or 3 additional cars from making the light. I'm going to honk at you. Get used to it.

  5. **I think I need to switch to Geezer Lights in the morning. The full-bodied, 'regular' Geezer may have too much punch for this early in the morning.

  6. ^^^^ Nobody......... is that you?

  7. Yeah, man, just geezin' out this morning, don't mind me. I'll honk at ya if you try to make a left on a no-left-turn and if you can't get going at a light, and whatnot, but I'm all good takin' my morning notes on my neighbors doings, cursing Amazon for not accepting my Poly-Dent coupon, and sometimes I go out in my garage and peel back the tarp on my 1981 Camaro Berlinetta, sometimes I even sit in the passenger seat, grip the wheel, smell the musty smoke smell of long ago days of youth and vitality!

    Ahhh.... when y'all get to be a geezer, it ain't so bad. I'm happier now than I was at 25 or 35. My accomplishments are many, my regrets few, and about the only thing that bothers me is dildo drivers. Otherwise, politics, Chiefs, MLK roadway names, pfft.... nonsense stuff, folks. Just fix the bad drivers and we'll have a better society.

  8. What’s your opinion about the murderous blacks?


  9. Drinking and texting are both bad, not one is worse than the other when driving. Drinkers cause lots of other problems.

  10. More Christmas cheer.

  11. 835, my two cents on the murderous blacks is that the black American family has failed its people. We are seeing the same thing in lower and middle income white families, but the blacks had a head start.

    Everyone knows your family atmosphere, discipline, sense of trust, bonding, and whatnot, all is critical in determining life outcomes. Most poor people aren't criminals; most crimes are actually committed by whites but yeah, proportionately blacks outperform whites on violent crime and murder....

    I'll take the shortcut and just say this, no government program, no progressive community outreach, special funding project, museum, school, playground, iPhone in student hands, and on and on, will make a dent in reversing the problems that plague the black community UNTIL the black community rises up on ITS OWN and says no more. No more. Decries sensationalism, cheap 'n easy pop culture, degradation in film and music..

    It doesn't take a village, it starts at home. Until we see more two-parent black families, fewer no-fault divorces, multiple children, we will never see any relief.

    That's my two pennies.

  12. Merry Christmas everyone.

  13. 8:55 true dat!

  14. Merry

  15. I see many white couples raising black children thru adoption, but ain't never seen a black couple raising white kids. Why is that?

    1. Adoptable children have what's called the right of first refusal. What white human child in their right mind would choose to go live with what's basically a bunch of animals?

      "None," that's who.


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