Hipster Broads Bid Adieu To Kansas City

Music dude Tim Finn chronicles the bittersweet last dance of some local lady rockers that we, admittedly, never heard of until after their last show announcement . . .

Tim Finn Review: Katy Guillen & The Girls - In Kansas City

Katy Guillen commemorated her birthday Saturday night in a big way: in front of a boisterous crowd of about 600 inside The Garage at Knuckleheads. The show was much more than a birthday celebration; it was also a grand farewell. After nearly seven years together, her band, Katy Guillen & The Girls (Guillen, Claire Adams...


  1. Those chicks were tight.seen them like 3 times..if blues was pop music theyd be superstars...was too broke to go to final show..kinda pissed

  2. Yeah they were, wish them success in their next phase.

  3. Good, but usual, PV/LFK, let's boost the gurls to show how hip we are, KC band status. Paw, Get Up Kids, Pedal Jets, Rainmakers. Not their fault. Every band is actually a sell out, whore. There is always a hidden back story, someone acting as doorman.

  4. They were pretty good and they took it as far as they could by staying in KC. If they had been serious about it they would have moved to Austin or Nashville. Touring, making records etc is great but when you're not actively doing those things being in a dead end town regarding any sort of music "scene" is not going to boost your career. I guess being friends with Tim Finn, the fat guy Chris at Ink and all the local hipsters wasn't enough. Hope their barista or waitress career "plays out" better than their music one did.


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