Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Here's The Grandma Kelly's Kansas Agenda

Pictured here on the far left, Grandma Kelly defeated might Kris Kobach in a stunning upset thanks to an army of middle-class housewives in JoCo.

Now, she's springing into action and talking these topics that actually have some bi-partisan support . . . And some DON'T.

A quick overview . . .

Practical Improvements Await: Kelly unhappy with lack of psychiatric beds for children

Kind Kansas Granny Soon To Be In Charge: Kansas kids are waiting for psychiatric help. Kelly ‘stunned’ by agency’s lack of action

Grandma Giveaway To Po'Folk Coming Soon: Democratic Governor-Elect Laura Kelly Wants To Roll Back Cash Assistance Rules

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Apparently grandmothers and lesbians are the only species willing to run for political office.

Anonymous said...

Glad she put her teeth in for the photo.

Anonymous said...

She ran as a moderate Democrat. The Star told us she was a moderate Democrat. RINOs told us she was a moderate Democrat. Soon we'll find out that she is just another tax and spend liberal. Hey, it worked for McCaskill...until it didn't.

Anonymous said...



What a fucking disaster she is going to be.

Anonymous said...

She will get nothing passed in the Kansas Legislature
She will do what she can get away with by executive order, but otherwise she will be useless.
And when a Republican is elected in 2022, they will roll back all of her executive orders.

Anonymous said...

Thank you dumbass JoCo housewives who think choosing elected officials is as inconsequential as choosing a prom queen. They send hubby off to work everyday while they’re heading to yoga, then Starbucks. They don’t realize the cost of their trendy liberal candidates because they haven’t worked since their 10 hours per week at Macy’s in college.

Anonymous said...

(L to R)

Granny Governor

Lesbian who likes to beat on women

Lesbian who can't draw a crowd at Starlight Theater

Obama's Secretary of HHS who oversaw the boondoggle of Obamacare, replete with a billion dollar website that didn't work.