Guv Kelly Vs. Kansas GOP: Who Will Win???

The sordid topic of coin will ignite a battle betwixt this moderate Democratic Party leader and the more strident Conservatives of the Sunflower State GOP. Checkit:

New Kansas governor's budget repairs may fire GOP opposition

Kansas' incoming Democratic governor uses words like "decimated" to describe what's happened to state government over the past decade. Gov.-elect Laura Kelly will be looking to add staff, boost spending and rethink contracts outsourcing jobs to private companies.


  1. I'll put my money on the kansas GOP there is more of them and they will stick together.

  2. The geriatric bitch is delusional. We have more state employees per capita than most every other state in the nation, we need FEWER employees sucking on the state teat, not more.

    There are more conservatives in the legislature now than before and the RINOs are jumping ship back to the protection of the Democrat masters. The only thing she's going to see happen in her next 4 years is her dementia worsen.

  3. Then why the hell did you vote for her?

  4. The absolute worst thing she can try to do is expand medicare. The Feds pay 90% for three years then 100% of the cost goes to the tax paying public. That will bust the State budget. Check out the tax situation in states that followed the Obamacare plan and how they are failing fiscally now.


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