Wednesday, December 26, 2018

GOP Killing 'Clean Missouri' And Pushing Back Against Petitions: Will Kansas City Tax Fighters Call Out Conservatives???

Republicans want to limit Democracy after election setbacks in 2018 . . . In Kansas City a great many right-wing political denizens use this method to push back against City Hall. And now we wait to see if local Conservatives will speak out against statewide leaders. Read more:

Missouri GOP gov seeks to overturn will of the people, admits that doesn't look great

When then- Missouri state Sen. Mike Parson didn't agree with a voter-approved law imposing tough regulations on dog breeders, he led a legislative effort to repeal the measure and replace it with a tamer version. Beyond that, Parson said in an interview with The Associated Press, it may also be time to raise the bar for initiative petitions to appear on the ballot.

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Anonymous said...

Parson has a good shot at election on his own if he drops this insane suicidal idea right away. If he allows the GOP to overturn the Amendment, he'll cause a Democratic sweep of both the Executive and Legislative Branches in the next election.