GOP Killing 'Clean Missouri' And Pushing Back Against Petitions: Will Kansas City Tax Fighters Call Out Conservatives???

Republicans want to limit Democracy after election setbacks in 2018 . . . In Kansas City a great many right-wing political denizens use this method to push back against City Hall. And now we wait to see if local Conservatives will speak out against statewide leaders. Read more:

Missouri GOP gov seeks to overturn will of the people, admits that doesn't look great

When then- Missouri state Sen. Mike Parson didn't agree with a voter-approved law imposing tough regulations on dog breeders, he led a legislative effort to repeal the measure and replace it with a tamer version. Beyond that, Parson said in an interview with The Associated Press, it may also be time to raise the bar for initiative petitions to appear on the ballot.


  1. Parson has a good shot at election on his own if he drops this insane suicidal idea right away. If he allows the GOP to overturn the Amendment, he'll cause a Democratic sweep of both the Executive and Legislative Branches in the next election.


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