Golden Ghetto Affordable Housing Fight?!?!

JoCo has always had higher rents but the latest perspective from Steve Rose offers more info on the effort to make sure that more middle-class families don't get squeezed out of suburban life. Read more:

JoCo affordable housing problem has no easy answer | The Kansas City Star

The cost of living in Johnson County has skyrocketed. At the same time, the number of affordable housing units has dwindled, leaving lower-income workers little prospect of finding a place to live in the county.


  1. Pass a 125% City Sales Tax on any house selling for a price over $90,000, and this problem goes away.

    You're welcome.

    1. WTF because it wont effect you? Fu buddy I work hard for my shit.

  2. There is no housing shortage in KC. There are houses all over the place with obscenely inflated rents sitting empty in abundance. And tons of houses that just need a little rehab upgrades or renovation.

    The whole "housing shortage" con has been fabricated by the builder and real estate industry.

  3. Joco was built for people with money, poor people need not apply.

    With sharice in office now watch joco turn into another “eastside”

    The blackies ruin everything

  4. It's by design, keeps the riffraff out

  5. We don't want low income people living here.

  6. Oh please there are plenty of cheap or section 8 housing options in JOCO. Just look what Olathe has done to some of their areas. Just go to the west side of Olathe where its turning into little mexico. Shawnee has plenty of dumpy complexes too.

  7. There goes the economy. More of the income spent on housing utilities and energy. No money left to consume .Nothing happens until a sale is made It keeps the factory going. And the trucks and trains moving. But NETFLIX WILL KEEP GOING THEY CAN'T AFFORD TO GO OUT BUT THEY CAN STAY HOME AND WATCH MOVIES .

  8. I’m with 1:05. There may not be any affordable housing in Stevie’s new cul de sac of wannabe McMansions, but if he goes just a few blocks west and crosses Metcalf, the rental dumps are plentiful. For every “old” apartment complex that renovates and raises rates, there are three that don’t. There are all sorts of ratty, low-rent apartments in JoCo; Stevie just has to get out of his new subdivision to see them. And on that note, there’s a lot of land in Stevie’s new neighborhood-I wonder how passionate he would be about adding some section 8 housing on his own block.


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