Fun Fact: Fox News Survey Seyz Kansas Voters Approve Marijauana Legalization

Buried underneath evenmore analysis of the long gone Midterm granny victory, this stat stands our more than anything . . .

On legalizing marijuana: 62 percent said yes, 36 percent said no.

And so, while the Republican stronghold in Kansas remains intact . . . It's impossible to deny that even the Conservative consideration of draconian weed laws have evolved. Read more:

Bob Beatty: Fox News' Kansas voter analysis may surprise you

Back in the old days of American politics, there were only two reliable ways to gauge public opinion.The first was through election results. The second was by looking out the window to see if a torch-carrying mob was marching down the street to burn down the Capitol.Since then, scientific polling and survey research methods have been developed to give us another way to know what's on the minds of the citizens.


  1. Could it be true?!? The biggest problem for Kansans is, we can't get it on a ballot unless the legislature puts it there. We are corn fed our policies by the conservative fucktards in Topeka.

  2. ^^^ Probably true, and don't be surprised is it does appear on a ballot.

    The Republican-led Legislature in Kansas is desperate for revenue, and unwilling to admit that the "Holy GOP Writ" of cutting taxes to boost the Economy has once more failed (as it has in every attempt since 1962).

    This will become even more likely when the Kansas Supreme Court requires the Legislature to fund Schools at an acceptable and required level.

  3. You can bet your sweet ass plenty of weed is piping down I-70 day in and day out. Time for Kansas to pull their heads out of their asses and legalize and tax it.

  4. Legalize weed and heroin and fentanyl.

  5. I was neutral to legalizing weed until I visited Denver a few years ago after they legalized it. There is no question that legal weed has absolutely fucked up that state beyond all recognition. I'm still neutral but the idea it's going to fuck up the state more than it will fix things.

    I'm also fascinated by the hypocrisy of the Libertarians who piss and moan about taxation being theft and funding of unconstitutional government spending, that is until MJ becomes a topic for discussion. Then it's all about taxing the holy fuck out of it and using the money to fund unconstitutional government spending.


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