Friday Kansas City New KCI Fact Check

Just a few topics to review . . .

Biz propaganda continues pushing the "all is well" angle . . .

Klein: Review of KCI renovation cost reveals 'nothing outrageous'

Meanwhile . . .

- Nobody can say for sure how much the airport costs and if that will impact ticket prices. We've heard 1, 2 & up to 4 BILLION so far.

- A government shut down will further delay the environmental report that ALREADY contains bad news that will further stall the project.

- NOBODY believes that it's just a baggage claim dispute holding up airlines from signing the Use & Lease agreement.

Developing . . .


  1. Don't worry. Just trust sly and the council with the money and everything will work out okay.

  2. Remember that the Star and nearly every media organization in KC was pushing hard for this airport about a year ago. They don't care about your have your interests at heart. They just want to make money

  3. ^^No, you remember. I don't care. See you at the groundbreaking for the new airport.

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  12. KCI, eh? That just makes me think of Councilmember Teresa Loar and LAUGH OUT LOUD!! She has been in local politics for how long? 25 years? And was on the wrong side of the biggest public project in a generation. She couldn't raise 6 other council member votes to stop or advance anything. After 25 years of sniping, nagging, sniping some more and just being a mess she is nothing but frustrated and ever on the sauce. Teresa nags too much, Teresa snipes too much and she drinks too much.

  13. And you, gutless post too much!
    Quit slamming Teresa Loar, she's the only one on the Council who doesn't take their turn, along with you, as Sly James' oral toilet paper!

    Why don't you find something to do rather than sit in your rubber stamp chair on your rubber stamp ass and wait for "Massa Sly" or his flunky Chris to wander by and tell you what to do, think, or endorse.

    So, gutless, in case you haven't got the message, let me repeat that you are a coward, poltroon, asslicker, villain, and LIAR!

    Leave Ms. Loar alone, we're tired of your filthy lying bullshit!

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  16. There are 11 airlines currently flying out of KCI. The airport says it will move ahead if only 2/3 of these agree to pay for the new terminal. At the moment, it looks like 3 to 5 airlines may be on board. Big questions remain: 1) Will low-fare airlines pull out completely? Looks like it. 2) Will the remaining airlines raise prices? Probably. 3) Here's the BIG one: Will the remaining airlines pay enough to cover new airport debt or will taxpayers make up the difference? Airport isn't saying but you know who usually gets hit with the bill. 4) Why haven't we heard from the airlines themselves? We don't know but it doesn't look like any kind of solid deal is on the table. So, what are we likely to get? Less air service at higher cost and maybe higher taxes. Is this what the people voted for?


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