Former Kansas City Mayor Funky Seyz: Grieving Families Of Murder Victims Should Share Gruesome Crime Scene Pix

A silly column from a disgraced politico who was basically chased out of office because of his ineptness . . . Here's his bad idea that might have more merit if his administration wasn't undone by his wife's bare feet.

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Former Mayor Funkhouser calls for release of crime scene photos to hopefully help stop gun violence


  1. Funk was KC's last hope for fiscal responsibility. And he blew it. He basically murdered Kansas City's budget.

  2. Is everyone named Funkhouser a fucking retard or what? What a stupid fucking idea?

  3. most television is murder and crime scenes may as well give folks the real deal. We know anyone can kidnap and claim crisis.

  4. Sure, let's desensitize people to gruesome crime scene photos. What could go wrong?

  5. television, 'entertainment', and all the crap in society has already desensitized everyone, who you kidding.

  6. a gun shot or two are pretty clean wounds, crime does not usually have limbs ripped off.

  7. third world skin diseases and goiters are more gruesome than most KC crime scenes.

  8. Funkhouser didn't do much about crime when he was Mayor. He should stop pretending to care now.

  9. Don't you think that maybe the goons doing all the violence and murders already know what the crime scene looks like?
    They were there.
    They caused it.
    People watching television at home aren't going to suddenly decide that murders are bad because they see a crime scene.
    THOSE are the thugs that need to be taken off the streets.
    This "suggestion" is just another example of the old nonsense that "we're all in this together".
    Actually, no WE'RE not.

  10. Cannot release unauthorized photos unless Mean Jean approves. Mean Jean covers all crime scenes and watches for people taking unauthorized photos to publish on social media.

  11. Couldn't be any worse than plus size and trans model's doing Victory Secret ads.


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