Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Fight Against Missouri Debtors Prisons

A Christmas po'folk crusade from the best columnist currently working in Missouri . . .

"Judges in Missouri can no longer threaten defendants with jail time if they can’t afford to pay the board bills issued to them by the sheriff."

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Messenger: Missouri appeals court blasts hole in debtors' prison scheme

Judge Kelly Rose must have seen the writing on the wall. On Dec. 5, she released Clifton Harris from having to come to court anymore to explain whether he could afford to make payments on the bill he owed Lafayette County for the time he spent there in jail.


Anonymous said...

1) indispensable journalism from tony messenger @ the post-dispatch for his long term reporting on these debtor prisons being run out of courthouses in Dent, Lafayette,St Francois and other countries.

2) Lafayette county is rotten. A reminder it had the largest slave population according to the 1860 census- over 7,000, with almost Mississippi or S Carolina like ratios. That rotten county has rotten judges and court and law enforcement and it deserves exposure.


Anonymous said...

Kelley is arrogant and rude, especially to KC Lawyers. Other than that, she is a nice person.