Explaining Kansas Lady GOP Switcheroo

Rather than hurl misogynistic insults that chase even more women away from the faltering Republican platform, here's an effort to understand why three lady elected officials have abandoned their conservative colleagues in recent days.

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Why Did These Three Republican Lawmakers in Kansas Leave for the Democratic Party? We Asked Them.

The Real Reason That Texas Judge Ruled Against Obamacare The Real Legacy of the GOP House Majority Isn't About the Deficit. It's About Manipulation. Mattis' Departure Will Make a Lot of People Nervous. It Should. Republican Party Leaders Are Slowly Backing Away From Trump as 2020 Approaches On Wednesday, two state legislators in Kansas announced that they were switching parties.


  1. Bout time they got some balls.

  2. Only aged, decrepit geezers still support the GOP at this point.

    1. False. This is why you lose.

  3. Its not rocket science why a politician changes parties. They want to get reelected. If they had been born in Russia they would have been Communists. If they were an adult in Germany in the 30s they would have been a Nazi. Politicians crave power and the limelight and since they have no ability to achieve that in business or the sciences they chose politics.

  4. Politics are made for two faced lying scum, we should expect no less from them.

  5. Why is anyone surprised by that. Greitens was a Dem, saw no chance under that ticket and switched to Rep. Hawley is the same way. We've had a local politician who's switched parties three times, but still has yet to get elected cause he's an dbag. Bottom line, these career-pol-wannabes will stick their finger in the air to see which way the wind is blowing, then switch that direction to try and win.

  6. Sorry troll boy. 10:25 is correct.

  7. ^^^Sorry shit-eater, this is a comment section on a blog for dying shut-ins. Everybody on here is worthless.

  8. they are dishonest to say the least

  9. Why did they defect? They're whores of Endsley and Ward.


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