Everybody Wants To Fire Bob Sutton

An impressive analysis that basically comes to the same conclusion as everybody else . . . Bob Sutton needs to go. Checkit:

Who is to blame for the Chiefs' defensive woes?

One of the questions we answered on this week's episode of the Arrowhead Pride Laboratory: Who deserves most of the blame for the Chiefs defensive issues? Is it the front office scouting, the coaching or the players? The truth is, and we all settled on this, they share equal blame.


  1. Clarkie boy deserves some credit in this mess, after all, he hired the worst defensive players ever so........

  2. It's not just the d. The o-line isn't where it needs to be.

  3. Bob Sutton, the Chiefs Defensive Coordinator is a senile doddering old fool. Every single defensive player they have is a cunthole that doesn’t like to tackle. They all need to go back to whatever shithole ghetto they are from.


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