Dreamers Defeated Mighty Kris Kobach?!?!

Money line that might be a bit too optimistic and overlooked the GOP palooka running around suburban parades with a toy gun:

"One of President Trump’s biggest supporters, Kris Kobach—a candidate in the Kansas gubernatorial race and a prominent voice in the U.S. nativist movement—made it a campaign promise to encourage undocumented immigrants living in the state to leave. Ultimately, his tough immigration policies, coupled with his history of voter suppression, cost him the race."

Read more:

Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric Was Defeated in the 2018 Midterm Elections - Center for American Progress

In what has been coined the "blue wave," the 2018 midterm elections resulted in 40 seats being flipped from Republican to Democratic control, the largest midterm gains by Democrats since Watergate in 1974.


  1. Kris Kobach defeated Kris Kobach.

  2. ^^^^ +100
    Absolutely correct.


  3. What's this anti-immigrant rhetoric B.S.????? No one is anti-immigrant! It's anti-illegal. It's come in by the book or don't come in. That's waaaaay different than anti-immigrant!

  4. If you look at the KS election map, you will see 4 or 5 counties defeated KK.

    Best argument ever for the valid existence of the Electoral College.

    Urban libs defeat whole rest of state. JOCO, Wichita, Topeka.

    If geographical voters won, KK wins.

  5. Michael Ferro12/14/18, 9:20 AM

    Diversity is shit. No one wants it. Every (once great) city in Europe is a multicultural sewer with no-go zones, rape, murder, and riots. Americans don't want that here. Legal/illegal immigration brings the same result ---shitholes. Daily slander from the Jewish Media combined with non-stop (((ACLU))) bullshit helped to defeat Kobach. This greatly divisive issue hasn't gone anywhere and neither is Kris Kobach.

  6. ^^You're boring.

  7. ^^^ Boring or not, Mr. Ferro does point out the most obvious difference that immigration makes, when he says that "Every (once great) city in Europe is a multicultural sewer with no-go zones, rape, murder, and riots."!

    Contrast this with the United States, where there are absolutely no major Cities where there are any areas that anyone would feel uncomfortable going, and where there are never any rapes, murders or riots.

    You can't argue against the truth of his own words, their accuracy is self-evident!

  8. Quinton Tellis12/14/18, 10:45 AM

    Whites are now rioting in Europe because the EU has gleefully imported violent criminals and welfare parasites while bleeding it's citizens with more and more taxes. Meanwhile in South Africa, White Farmers will soon have their land seized without compensation while Black Officials publicly call for their death . As @10:12 cryptically suggests, American Cities already have crime-plagued areas. Kris Kobach is against importing these problems via Third World Invaders. Multiculturalism is ideological gonorrhea.

  9. ^^^Dull and idiotic.

  10. Quandarius Jenkem12/14/18, 10:57 AM

    @10:50 Liven up the conversation with your wit and wisdom. "Educate" us.

  11. Quadriphilonomoustious Jinjiblophious12/14/18, 11:24 AM

    Kris Kobach sucks Elephant Dick!

    Lively enough for you?

  12. i am glad anti-immigrant whetoric was defeated. I can't stand hearing rhetoric about worthless mexicans or africans or muslims always trying to get here illegally

  13. @11:24 Cool name bro'!


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