City Hall Translation: They're Totally Gonna Use Kansas City General Fund For The Stalled New Single-Terminal Airport

MSM is reporting legislation that isn't signed, NOT in writing and basically just a bunch of empty promises from a dozen people during an election season. Basically, the opposite of this report is more accurate. Checkit:

Airport Committee: No general funds will go toward KCI terminal project

Breaking News Kansas City's Airport Committee has tackled one lingering issue by ensuring in writing that no taxpayer money would be used to fund the new single terminal at KCI. The committee promised from the outset that the project would be funded primarily by the aviation department and airlines, through the fees they charges their passengers.


  1. That’s what lyin cheatin democrims do, steal your money for personal gain

  2. ^^Nah, they just liberate it from morons like you who are too dumb to have it. A fool and his money. You're an easy mark rube.

  3. ^^^^ No dummie, I don’t live in your shit hole town, you are the easy mark rube! Hahahahaha!

  4. We are asking Jolie, Slie, Jermaine, etc.. To show us where in the City Charter it says the council can pass ordinances to LOAN money to any person or organization particularly one that is not part of the City. We read thru the charter and see all kind of verbiage about borrowing money but nothing about loaning money. The Aviation Department is not part of the City, it is a separate enterprise zone. There are specific regulations about not intermingling Aviation Department funds with City funds. They are panicked and want to get enough money to blow a couple holes in terminal A so when the FAA or TSA or the airlines complain or denounce the overall plan, they can say too late: we've already started.

  5. ^^^^ they do want to put some holes in it and say ohhh we already started. How exactly are they going to do that BTW? Wrecking ball, chisel, or dynamite, i do not think they know.

  6. Probably have not told the control tower, FAA, TSA, or any of the airlines, the same participation as has been elicited in the overall plan thus far.

    Or have they? Would that be in an un-required EIS?

  7. I am waiting, less than patiently, for the first accurate city statement about the vapor port.


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