Wednesday, December 05, 2018

City Hall Bureaucrat Seyz Kansas City Loves Westport Street Privatization Crackdown

There hasn't been any complaints since a MASSIVE PUSH BACK EFFORT FROM MULTIPLE AGENCIES voiced their opposition.

Also, another violent Summer elicited grassroots complaints about the policy as well . . . Basically, in this story 12th & Oak is touting a victory because nobody bothered to fill out the proper paperwork.

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City says they haven't received any complains over enhanced Westport security

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- One of the city's most popular entertainment districts added additional security enhancements this summer. On Wednesday, the city received an update on the success of the measures put in place in Westport. As of December, Assistant City Manager Rick Usher says there have been no filed complaints filed to the city.


Anonymous said...

Papers please/

Anonymous said...

Law of the Jungle

Anonymous said...

If it keeps the porch apes away then it's effective.

Anonymous said...

I love the privatization of the westport streets. Keeps is safer. they do this kind of stuff in party districts in cities across the country