Thursday, December 06, 2018


More on this later but for now the most important thing to know is that the so-called "dumb card" employment tax remains mostly unchanged.

As with all things, nobody is happy after this compromise which means it's probably a good one.


Fox4: New KC City Council ordinance allows some ex-felons to serve liquor more easily


Under the revised ordinance, people convicted of violent crimes like murder, kidnapping, child molestation and rape will be banned for life. Others that have served time for offenses such as robbery, armed criminal action, sexual exploitation of a minor and domestic assault will face a five year waiting period.

People convicted of drug offenses will no longer have to wait to get a liquor card.

City Councilman Scott Taylor said the new ordinance would allow some ex-offenders to get work more easily, while addressing the safety of bar patrons.

“This is a compromise that puts in place restrictions on those that have the committed the most serious felonies so they can’t come out immediately and start serving alcohol at bars,” he said.

The ordinance also does away with permit requirements for employees selling packaged liquor in stores.

Does this make buying booze in Kansas City safer and/or more equitable???

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

You're never really "safe" at a Kansas City establishment.

But you should also remember that there's very little restriction on felons working elsewhere in the kitchen.

Agree with the first line. This is an employment tax.

Anonymous said...

I want to open a bar called the Ex-Con. Everyone working there has to be a felon. We could have some hot underage waitresses that the felons could pass around after work. There would be cocaine for all.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Craig Glazier would manage that place.

Anonymous said...

Why all of a sudden is it so important that felons get jobs serving alcohol?

Why does the city clowncil and mayor think that this is the only job felons can get?

The stupidity is amazing, is sLIE trying to get work for his felonious kin folk so they will quit begging him for money?

Anonymous said...

All this means is that the City gets to keep its revenue by charging $40 to every service industry employee to prove they aren't a murderer, kidnapper, child molester or rapist. So happy the Council chose to ignore the 99.95% this doesn't apply to so they still have to pay for the right to work in KC.