Can Granny Kelly Defeat Kansas GOP Or Will Republican Super Majority Lose More Women By Attacking Democratic Party Abuelita?!?!

The vicious trolling in support of might Kris Kobach didn't help him achieve victory and so Republicans in the Sunflower State need to have a light touch when opposing this lady who took down their only national superstar. Take a look at the beginning of rock chalk right wing resistance:

So Much For Bridge Building: Laura Kelly Snubs Trump - The Sentinel

Kelly could have sent the message to her minions that Trump is not the racist monster Democrats and their media allies assumed him to be, but then again she got elected by projecting that same image on to Kris Kobach.


  1. A bridge runs from one side to the other, and has to be built from both directions.

  2. ^^^^^^^^ +1

  3. The bridge analogy won't hold up -
    the most efficient way to build a bridge is to work from both sides, meeting in the middle, as @6:42 said, BUT

    In Trump World there IS NO MIDDLE, only "his way or the Highway", so it's surrender totally or ignore him and get things done.

  4. Laura Kelly ran on the phrase "I have worked with people from both parties. I know what the problem are and how to fix them". If that were true then why aren't they fixed? Given the chance she just proved herself to be a LIAR. Typical female politician, here is a short list:
    Babs Bollier, Laura Kelly, Nancy Pelosi, AOC, Sharice Davids, Laura McConwell, Jolie Justice, Jean Peters Baker, creapy nothland lady, et al.....

  5. Pretty simple if you take a moment to think, @9:58 - the problems aren't fixed because the GOP has a majority in both Kansas Houses, and Laura Kelly doesn't take office till next month.

    Since Republicant's have no interest in fixing any of the problems they have caused, it would have been damn difficult for her to fix them, wouldn't it?

  6. 9:58 you forgot to add that attention whore Stephanie Clayton to that list.

  7. Love you clowns. Give me one good reason why anyone would work with Trump? He has proven to be a pathological liar. He eventually attacks everyone except his kids and that is coming once they turn on easy other to try to stay out of prison.

  8. If she continues this course acting like a typical left wing democrat she will be a one termer for sure.

  9. The bridge analogy is about at stupid as the "3 legged stool" analogy they use for Kansas taxation.


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