Building Kansas City Downtown Vaporware

Credit where it's due at public radio . . . They cleaned up this promo presser into a halfway usable look at even more folly inside the loop. Checkit:

With No Tenants Lined Up, Developers Pitch A New Office Tower In Downtown Kansas City

A 25-story tower that would be the first multi-tenant, premium office building built downtown since 1991 is being proposed for the block southwest of 13th and Main in the Power & Light District. The $132 million project, called Strata, would be located on what's called Block 124 and would be built above an existing retail structure, which includes The Yard House restaurant and Joseph A.


  1. OK, I seriously clicked thinking there was a v a p o r w a v e concert scheduled soon.

  2. Gosh what a tone deaf idea. St Louis is dealing with abandoned at&t tower built in 1986 and KCs clueless boosters want to do the same thing. There are already huge class A office space vacancies in the CBD.

  3. Hahahaha

    When will the bullshit ever end.

  4. designed by BNIM and HOK architects and J.E. Dunn Construction would be the contractor.

    LOL same ol same ol

  5. Yeah, TIF, TIF, TIF Again and again. Love this town! Hell, let's tear down the Wheeler downtown airport and build a 2 billion replacement and name it the MLK airport, right by the Buck O'Neil bridge.

    Sidewalks, shut up! Don't talk to me about shit like that. Same with water rates. I don't want to hear that negative vibe shit. Plaza's great, no problems there.

  6. $27 million in bonds from the city. ...and when there's a downturn in the economy..............................

  7. do folks use the unfortunate Town Pavilion? Scale & amenity-wise, this new office building is more practical for kc. That accurso law firm is one of the best office spaces in town.
    i really like balconies that you would never use except store a bike and a grill.


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