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One of Kansas City's most prolific faith bloggers offers his perspective on political progress in the Sunflower State in the aftermath of the "blue wave" and despite Heartland stereotypes of all sorts . . . Checkit:

Understanding the LGBTQ picture in Kansas: 12-7-18

The progress of LGBTQ people toward full inclusion as equals under civil law in American society has proceeded by fits and starts. Sometimes nothing seems to happen for a long time. And then suddenly -- such as the U.S. Supreme...


  1. The "War On Women" is led by the LGBTQ efforts. They are the tip of the spear. 50% of the population is female, and breast cancer kills women by the truckload, yet America spends far more on efforts to cure HIV than it does Breast Cancer because the squeaky wheel gets the grease. IN this case, right up the asses of women.

    Thanks Bill, for making sure these "Victims" get better treatment than our wives, sisters and daughters.

  2. I am sick of hearing about a small minority bitching about what they are entitled to. Fuck you LBGTQ+-P.
    I have seen the logical conclusion of this mentality already. The normalization of pedophilia. These people are perverts and want to indoctrinate children into their sick lifestyle.
    Go ahead, call me a bigot, but things like this are the clearest sign of the rot in our culture.

    1. Only a matter of time before preschoolers are taught the ABCs of anal sex by a tranny. Mr Garrison and Mr Slave will be in demand as educators.

  3. Back in the closet, sickos.

  4. ^^^Blah, blah blah. Boring!

  5. Quinton Tellis12/7/18, 8:50 AM

    "Faggots ? Dykes ? Trannys? "Who cares"? --- Ghandi

  6. Back to bed geezers.

  7. FACT: If an LGBT (invented term) individual is a citizen, they are protected equally by the U.S. justice system.

    Federal and state statutes do no say, "This shall apply only to heterosexuals."

    The "LGBT" term was fabricated as a marketing scam to convince the public that the demographic was a much larger group than their reality of approximately 3-5 percent of the population. Look at the acronym!
    What's the difference between "L"esbian and "G"ay ?
    And a "B"isexual is someone who can't admit that they're homosexual.
    "T"ransgender is a psychiatric condition that afflicts a fraction of 1-percent of the population.

    The LGBT movement is another contrived social justice crusade, actually designed to further fracture American society by polarizing special interest groups against each other.

  8. ^^^^^Fact: You post too much

    Fact: You're boring as shit.

    Fact: You don't have anything to say.

    Fact: You're a closeted homo.

  9. Far more people die from prostate cancer and other cancers than breast.

    There is NO war on women; all b.s.

  10. Actual percentage of gays in this country is somewhere between 1.4 and 3.0%.

    I remember when they used to say one in ten (10%) of population was gay.

    Not true. Roughly 2%

  11. ^^...and you know that how retard? You sucked everyone of their dicks?

  12. I would trust a Catholic priest with my children before I would trust a member of the LGBT community with them.

  13. ^^I've seen your children...they need a priest, believe me! Fucking demons!

  14. 6:36, you need to get some new friends.

  15. @1122, no you have not seen my kids because you are a member of the LGBT community.
    signed @ 1120

  16. What I don't understand about the LGBT community and their concerns is that according to the US Constitution they have all the rights I have as a heterosexual male in the USA. Why do they as a "community" of such a small minority think they need any special accommodation? Less than 3% of the total population yet they have invaded the every fabric of society. They are not handicapped or physically ill, maybe mentally, but not physically. As for HIV/AIDS it is caused by abhorrent behavior and if they were serious about stopping the spread of it that they should modify their behavior.

  17. YES! The LGBT community should accept the consequences of their behavior. This problem my just take care of itself.

  18. @11:28AM-I have seen your kids...rotten bastards! I know because your twink husband is a member of the LGBT Community.

  19. Bill Tammeus, its time for you to come out of the closet with your irrational anti Catholic and anti Israel bias.

    You. Fucking. Bigot.

  20. 8:02AM

    = all the same person, flaming pink-haired eunuch who sweeps the floors at the dyke bar.

  21. Queef Latifa12/7/18, 3:20 PM

    @2:24 The criminal, illegitimate, apartheid state of Israel will be destroyed soon ...but not soon enough for the rest of the world.

  22. @3:05PM=Same pants-shitting goon with no life who comically believes anybody cares what a bunch of losers on a geriatric blog post.

  23. 3:20 you are an anti Jewish fool. Israel has the bomb. If their is a Second Holocaust, the Jews are going out ALONE this time!

    Half the world is going with them.

    Nuclear Winter, anyone?

  24. Make

  25. @ 1228: You're mistaken, you were looking in the mirror.

  26. How long until the LBGTQ+-P gestapo will welcome in NAMBLA, which was planned all along.

  27. 3:37PM

    Imbecile asshole who contradicts his own faulty logic!

    Writes "believes anybody cares", when in fact, his own reply proves that HE cares deeply what others write!

    So glad that you vigilantly patrol these comments, and that I can so easily ruffle your feathers.


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