2019 Redemption For Bubba?!?!

Really great AWESOME TKC READER redemption link on the topic of a hometown hero and his last chance to make good for the home team. Take a look:

'One more year': The Royals, Bubba Starling and the...

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Bubba Starling began last season on the disabled list, recovering from injury at the Royals' spring complex in Surprise, Ariz. His oblique muscle was barking again. His progress was stalled. It was a bitter moment and, in hindsight, just the fourth worst of his baseball calendar.


  1. What is this infatuation with Bubba? Every few days we read about Bubba. What’s the deal?

    1. He was a hometown sensation. Everybody thought he was going to be the savior of the royals. This struggles are kind of like life. You think it's gonna turn out one way but then other thing happens. Lucikly, Bubba is still getting paid well while he learns. The same can't be said for most of us.

  2. Bubba Starling has the perfect name for baseball; that's all I got.


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