Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Voter Run Around: Show-Me Higher Fees Replacing Defeated Missouri Gas Tax

Politicos find their cash from another source, here's their latest gambit that should escape the view of most of the electorate . . . Read more:

Gas Tax Defeat Forces Missouri Lawmakers To Look For Alternate Sources Of Funding

Advocates for more transportation funding in Missouri say lawmakers need to quickly consider alternative funding sources after voters rejected a gas tax increase at the polls this month. Had it passed, Proposition D would have raised the state's gas tax by 10 cents to 27 cents per gallon.


Anonymous said...

Time to tell the states pensioners your going to take a cut in pay. So you may want to cancel your next trip to Europe and all the other playgrounds of the elders where you can brag of being from say Kansas City.

Gus said...

Shut up brat and get a second job so you can pay more taxes and I don't have to cancel anything.

Anonymous said...


I'm going to cancel both of you if you don't stop butting into my bitch space.

Anonymous said...

Legalize recreational weed, then the surrounding states will contribute to the Missouri tax base like we do now to Colorado. They got a great deal going while all the other states drag their feet.