Thursday, November 29, 2018


Southland confrontation reclassified by Kansas City police making this HOMICIDE #118 FOR KCMO so far this year. Police asking for witness help. Read more:

Man who fatally shot car thief on Blue Ridge Blvd. charged with murder

Deandre Simms has been charged with second-degree murder and armed criminal action in connection with an early morning shooting at a convenience store in south Kansas City. Simms, 24, fatally shot shot Keith A. Michael in the parking lot of a gas station in the 5000 block of Blue Ridge Blvd.


Anonymous said...

I’m disappointed, I thought a black guy finally did something good, well, maybe he did by taking another bad black guy out

Anonymous said...

Killa' City USA

Anonymous said...

NO this is just wrong if you try to steal a car you should be shot!

Anonymous said...

KC "urban renewal" plan is working I see.

Anonymous said...

Why is this murder? This is literally what you should do when someone tries to steal your car at 3am in the ghetto.

I read the article and I can't figure out what the guy did wrong