Tuesday, November 27, 2018


As the debate over "the caravan" and border talk intensifies amid worsening conditions . . . For better or worse, there is once again a search for a great white hope.

The alt-rightnow wants the defeated Kansas politico to take over Homeland Security despite the fact that his appointment would never get through the Senate. Take a look:

Breitbart: Petition for Kris Kobach to Lead DHS: ‘No One More Qualified’ to Stop Illegal Immigration


Pro-American immigration reformers are petitioning the White House to request that President Trump replace current Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen with Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach.

He and allies of his “America First” have continuously expressed disappointment and rage at her leadership of DHS over the last year, sources have said.

For her replacement, NumbersUSA — an organization that represents the interests of American workers in the immigration debate — is urging supporters and activists to sign a White House petition that asks Trump to replace Nielsen with Kobach.

Check the petition


Politico: Contradicting border chief, Trump claims 3 officers ‘very badly hurt’ by migrants

Vanity Fair: On the Border, Trump’s Fox News Fantasy Comes to Life

Fox News: Hundreds of migrants try rushing toward California port of entry, as Trump threatens to close entire border

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Agree with the point about Senate confirmation. It will never happen.

Kobach is the odd man out and all of that talk about hiring him was just more Trump B.s.

Anonymous said...

Shutting down the border is Trump's best option. He should have done that from the Star. Kobach would be a force for good on this issue but I think he might be too controversial.

Darren said...

He should totally nominate him. Would love to see Trump get another appointment totally screwed up. Would make for some fun SNL sketches.

Anonymous said...

I don’t care who does it but we need our borders to be secure and stop illegal immigration

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter who the hell we elect. We the People are completely betrayed by our own leftist government and their brain dead drone army backed by ILLEGAL Voters.

chuck said...

"Looking for a better life?"


A thief is looking for a better life when he robs his neighbor. A rapist is looking for a better life when he derives sexual pleasure from violating innocent women. A murderer is looking for a better life when she puts a poison in her rich husband's tea.

America hates you white boy. American Liberals are replacing you via the southern border and with illegals from all over the world, that will vote for government benefits, supplied by the taxes taken from your descendants, if, you even have any. The American middle class is being destroyed with pre-meditation, by rich Republican RINO's who need cheap labor and elitist rich Democrats who need votes to maintain their plantations everywhere from JoCo to Georgetown.

America hates you white boy.

Anonymous said...

Chuck, don't blame your failures in life on immigrants. Take responsibility for your own decisions. For the most part, I think you do but there might be some unfamiliar with your writing who mistakenly think they should blame others for their predicament without looking at their culpability first.

chuck said...

I believe it was the esteemed, highly acclaimed, revered and decorated 'journalist' Don Lemon, who once said (Yes, he said this.), "Don't believe everything you hear with your own eyes."

It's a fuckin invasion you fuckin morons.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Chuck, but it's already over!
The US was invaded by a massive influx of "chuckleheads" like you, and the put their least capable one in the Presidency.

Forget Mexicans fixing roofs and changing Hotel sheets, we have a massive Rabid Red Loon plague going on!

chuck said...

7:16 It has NOTHING to do, with your failures in life, my failures in life, your success in life (Which is probably predicated on Government free cash from tax payers.) or my success in life. I have never been happier, just for the record.

It has to do, with what we leave our children.

Do we actually live in a country, that was made great, at least at one time, by enforcement of "The Rule Of Law", or, do we leave our children on a slippery slope to a life in a Hieronymus Bosch painting, overrun by 3rd world, uneducated, violent inhabitants who are the "Brown Shirts" in control, at the pleasure of Billionaire, Fascist Plutocrat Progressives who usurp the law, ignore the Constitution and, with the assistance of the corrupt, lying, lickspittle 4th estate and Deep State kleptocrats acquire a choke hold on our kid's future?

The destruction of the working middle class is accelerating. The Overton Window moves almost at light speed to the left. Acceptance of the destruction of the Rule Of Law and the ascendance of radical Progressives in at hand.

Living under the suzerainty of a new, modern, American, Committee Of Public Safety, under the august auspices of fuckin morons like Octavio Cortez, Maxine's Water Broke and the current list of retarded candidates newly elected by the new American Progressive Roman mob will be a Venezuelan hell on earth.

But sure dumb fuck, come on in, the sewer water is fine and you won't notice the smell, because of the lobotomy.

chuck said...

I have to go to work, make some money and stock up on toilet paper.

No doubt, you dumb fucks think the government should wipe your ass, so you stick around, eat some Cheetos and watch "The View".

Anonymous said...

There's no chance Kobach is being considered for a cabinet position in this or any other administration.
He couldn't run a one-car garage.
Maybe it's about time to elect and appoint boring competent people who actually know how to manage government at whatever level, instead of chasing after "exciting" celebrities.
Governor Parson and Governor-elect Kelly come to mind.
They're actually addressing issues like highways, schools, and children's welfare, all of which are real issues that state government needs to competently focus on.
The Kansans who voted for Sharice Davids are already suffering from buyers' remorse, which happens when you elect an empty superficial, but "exciting" clown.
Kobach needs to go see if he can actually practice law.

Anonymous said...

I saw Kris sucking a bag of dicks at Jerry's Bait Shop in Lenexa.

Anonymous said...

I hate Brown people! Why can't we get more immigrants for Norway and other Euro countries?

Anonymous said...

Is this guys 15 minutes of fame up already?

Please go away!

Quinton Tellis said...

Kobach doesn't think America should become a Third World sewer like Europe. This is made obvious by the constant attacks by Jewish groups like the ACLU and our wonderful Jewish Media.

KCpedia said...

Totally agree with Chuck's comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think he should be appointed, after all, he'd be every bit as effective at running Homeland Security as he and Pence were in uncovering massive voter fraud.

Anonymous said...

Sorry we are not accepting any more "immigrants" into the United States.

Go home and get going on rebuilding your own country.

Anonymous said...

How about we enter into a trade agreement with shithole Mexico. For every Mexican we let enter our country, we sent them 10 negroes.

Anonymous said...

Just send him down there in some camo clothes with his friends stars and stripes jeep with the toy gun so he can feel self important and proclaim that he went to the border to fight off the hordes of immigrants. It'll look good on his resume' when he runs for the Senate.

Anonymous said...

So liberals say we should stop eating beef because cows fart too much but for some reason they think we need more immigrants.

Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't he get confirmed? There will be 54 GOP senators in January and Pence would break a tie.

Which 5 GOP senators would vote against him and sink a nomination?

Competency isn't a issue. The Trump Administration is a revolving door of the best corrupt incompetent people. KKKobach would fit right in.

JoCoPost said...

This strategy worked to rid Kansas of Sam Brownback. Why not Kobach? He just doesn't "fit" here. We just don't appreciate his greatness, perhaps?
Donald Trump might be doing us a favor. Think about that...the Peter principle...