Saturday, November 24, 2018


This week a Kansas City kitty cafe opened to a great deal of acclaim.

While the idea is undoubtedly captivating, here are just a few challenges that might stand in the way of success according to our blog community. To be clear, we don't wish any brave local biz people harsh times, instead we offer this list as a helpful suggestion which might power the new endeavor to find creative solutions.


People won't make reservations just to go have coffee, even with cats

Appointment coffee is a tough sell.

On the other hand, this would be a great place to take a new lady friend just to check if she's cray.

There Are More People Allergic To Cats Than Most Realize

A den of cats might the a circle of hell for more locals than initially expected despite the cuddly selling proposition. Also, cats don't really like people that much . . . Which kinda make sense and compliments poor, long-suffering lady baristas who also endure the unwanted affections of so many losers.

Kansas City Is A 'Dog People' Town

Just a quick observation. This is a dog town for better and worse and depending on the location of your lawn.

Latte And Fuzzballs Don't Mix

Cats and any food don't compliment one another and a "furry latte" is either a gross new sexual description to look up on Urban Dictionary or one of many reasons this cafe needs to rework their menu.

Kansas City's Most Hipster Biz Needs To Relocate Near The Streetcar Line

Again, we're not saying this biz won't work . . . But even Midtown isn't precious enough for this kind of storefront. Only the Crossroads could host the soyboy/girl meetup place and sadly the skyhigh rents prohibit this cat play fetish in that part of town.

More to the point . . .

All of this is really just a DISTRACTION for the new Kansas City animal shelter that was approved by voters more than a year ago but remains stalled because private fundraising hasn't yet materialized.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Don't take business advice from a blogger.

This will be bigger than the pet rock.

And who knows? With so many vape stores around, maybe this will give locals a better way to occupy their time.

Anonymous said...

Better idea = Weed brownie shop.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^ yup!

Anonymous said...

Free pussy? Cool.

Anonymous said...

Lulz ^^

Seriously though this is an idea that is out of a Japanese fetish shop. Can't really believe that somebody would try this as a real business and think that it would be viable for more than a week. I guess you have to let the free-market do its work but I doubt we will see you this place open a month from now.

Anonymous said...

Don’t let any Asians in. The cats will come up missing and sweet & sour pussy will be on the menu.

Gus said...

Hell, sell them to the Asians.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like something these "entrepreneurs" came up with after their third bottle of Chardonnay, followed by a market analysis that consisted of asking four of their best friends.
Hope daddy doesn't need his money back.

Anonymous said...

Cats do not travel or mingle well, failure unless daddy owns the building.

Anonymous said...

Sturdy benches would be a requirement.

Anonymous said...

"All of this is really just a DISTRACTION for the new Kansas City animal shelter"

Goddamn you're fucking stupid. That's just retarded.

Jazzbo said...

^^^^^^^^ Sure it is champ, pointing out more than 4 million in tax money over budget is just so darn disagreeable.

Go back to fleecing the taxpayers your animal loving THIEF.

Where is the shelter?

Go find it you fucking moron.

Anonymous said...

They better be careful especially with that new Korean rest. opening next door in January.