For the first time in more than a decade, Kansas City confronts the likelihood that the mayoral general election will lack minority representation.

Remember that Former Mayor Funkhouser won over longtime City Councilman Alvin Brooks and Mayor Sly James has dominated the Mayoral contest for the past two cycles.

Now, three solid candidates primarily representing Kansas City's African-American community are competing for the same votes and support in a crowded field.

A quick recap of their campaigns so far . . .

Councilman Jermaine Reed

It would be unwise to discount the half-pint urban core leader. Inasmuch as he has garnered fierce critics throughout the city, his supporters are equally enthusiastic and his fundraising efforts reveal a solid mid-rage level of support that's actually rather surprising. Moreover, mentors, benefactors and associates half always lifted Councilman Reed far above his skill level.

Council Lady Alissia Canady

With standing at the county, advanced degrees a cadre of influential urban core women who support her campaign . . . Council Lady Canady has more supporters than most pundits realize and matches her urban core colleagues in terms of enthusiasm if not outright political acumen.

Councilman Quinton Lucas

Of all the urban core candidates he's got the widest array of support citywide and the biggest bankroll but there is no question that a recent DUI bust cost him some support and tarnished his clean-cut image. And so with his advantage across the metro hindered, he's now competing for votes in the inner-city and that fight has become far more fierce among a field crowded with almost a dozen contenders, all of whom, hope to play to champion of the East Side to some extent.

Local media personality Rita Berry deserves some mention but her campaign remains a fledgling effort with little fundraising or endorsements . . . TKC broke news of her candidacy but she hasn't made much progress since that point.

Now . . .

This three way runoff represents the biggest dilemma for Councilman Lucas.

Here's the word from a longtime east side insider closely connected to ALL of these candidates . . .

"Councilman Lucas might be the odds-on favorite but he's got more competition than he expected. It's not fair but the DUI arrest has raised doubts about his appeal to voters. Meanwhile, we've all seen Council members Reed & Canady working harder and gaining more attention. They're going to give Councilman Lucas a run for his money and now he's fighting on two fronts rather than just trying to make his case citywide. The MLK rename issue is the perfect example of how he is being pulled in two different directions ... And the problem is that he might not be able to convince voters from either side in his attempt to please everybody ..."

And so, here's the sitch as it stands now . . .

For the last 3 cycles the East Side has earned representation from an African-American candidate but this time around competition, demographics and controversy threaten to split the vote and leave the cadre of qualified candidates fighting among each other in the primary.

Meanwhile, the local African-American community continues to branch out to the Southland, Raytown, Grandview, & Lee's Summit leaving traditional inner-city strongholds without the voting power that once defined the urban core.

More to the point . . .

While housing, development and crime will dominate the discourse in the upcoming KC Mayoral election . . . It's a conversation, many fear, that most likely will take place between two white candidates.

Developing . . .


  1. KC is becoming race obsessed. This might actually be good news for EVERYONE involved.

    1. Kansas City Mayor Jermaine Reed.

      Think about that for a minute.

      Let it sink in.

      I'm voting for Jolie!

    2. Can anybody tell us why Alissia Canady is really running. My guess is that she's getting tired of politics over all and just needs at good excuse to get out. A mayoral run seems like the perfect opportunity to step out of the limelight. That seems like the Kander exit strategy and it worked for him.

  2. Canaday is the Sherice David's of KCMO, weak to non existant skills, and the temper of a cage fighter. Even KCMO could do better than her.

  3. ^^^^^^^^^^ So you're saying she'll win?

    1. Uh, yup, if nuff of the goofs with their shallow identity politics show up. (I'm not 9:46).

  4. Lady Canady is flashing gang signs in that pic.

  5. The three Stooges.
    Jermaine is the dumb one.
    Alissa is the obese one without car registration .
    Quinton is the drunk affirmative action one.

  6. Curious to know who the gay hipsters and kcmo communist/antifa are interested in voting for, or if they even vote at all. If they don’t vote for the woman are they misogynist? Are they angry there is not a transgender running to represent their values?

  7. Canady has no shot and is a complete waste of time. She hasn’t raised any money and has no chance to. Her bullshit routine barely plays in her district, but won’t play anywhere else in the city. She chaired a completely worthless anti crime task force which did nothing to help Kansas City be safer. She drove for months on expired license plate, no insurance and unpaid taxes. When caught she blamed the police, and threw an embarrassing tantrum on camera. Canady runs around town acting like all police need are body cameras and all will be fine. Problem is she took a position against law and order in Westport, even though numerous camera angles portrayed what really happened. No apology, but she blamed the police again.

    As a lifelong northlander she doesn’t have a chance. I work in south Kansas City and those that live there laugh when her name is brought up. She has done nothing for her district, kids are still dying and she wants to lead Kansas City? It’s only appropriate that tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Put a thermometer in her fat ass thigh, my bet is she’s cooked. In a couple of days she will be overlooked leftovers.

    Vote Lucas, I don’t give a damn he slept in a car.

  8. If the economic development crowd has its way KCMO will push most of the minorities into Grandview and Raytown. If this happens the political clout of the minority population will decline.

  9. LOL! Let's be honest. Neither Jermaine or Alissia has enough clout or $$$ to come at Lucas.
    Alissia is no dummy. This race is about raising her profile. She'll drop out and endorse Lucas before the refiling deadline in her own district. No way is she passing up reelection, which she'd win in a landslide. Look to her to be the next Jackson County Prosecutor with the backing of the entire black community.
    Jermaine is waiting on that job offer to come. It will. He'll jump out in the spring and endorse Lucas as well. If the back community wants any sway in the mayor's office they'll back Lucas all the way. Who else can represent them? Jolie? Nope. She only cares about hipsters and streetcar people.

    Lucas wins this battle easily. Take it to the bank.

  10. Goddamn that Canady is a big fat ugly hog.

  11. "It's not fair but the DUI arrest has raised doubts about his appeal to voters." Why is it not fair? Seems fair and reasonable to me.

  12. Quinton gets drunk and thinks laws don’t apply to him. He needs to come completely out of the closet.

  13. The real eastside doesn’t want any of those people, screw the fake eastside with all their fat fake revs, it’s called the central core people.

  14. Might as well just have an executive run for mayor from either cornish or burns & mcdonnell and be done with it.

  15. KCMO will vote against it's (and ours) best interests. They don't have a choice.


  16. We really need a white mayor.

  17. Tell her it's time to take off the feed-sack.
    Also did she have time to renew her licences plates?

  18. Reed and Canady have no appeal outside the urban core. Their Mayoral candidacy is just an attempt to raise their profile or perhaps evidence of them being completely out of touch.

    Quinton Lucas HAD the potential to pull off a Mayoral victory. Yes, the DUI arrest was a silly situation and he'll likely see it dismissed, but the damage has been done. He'll have to serve a 2nd term on the Council before trying again. Or, is it possible that Lucas subconsciously sabotaged himself because he seeks an out from politics. The guy could be living comfortably in Lawrence, teaching at KU, and enjoying life.

    TKC, I don't see any of these 3 making it to the final round.

  19. Maybe Lucas should try the "see, he's one of us" technique.

    Former President Barack Obama stops in a greater Chicago food shelter and helps prepare Thanksgiving meals

  20. This is an interesting topic, 5 months ago.

    Reed is at the end of the line. Any offer from this will do.
    Canady knows she can't win. She'll work to retain her council seat.

    Lucas is and always has been in the lead. The suspicion of DUI will be resolved very soon and Tony will look like a muckraker again. The closet gay comments are funny when comparing Lucas to Jolie and Reed. Lucas loves women, but seeing as its 2018, pumping the he might be gay narrative is a favor.

    Speaking of favors...
    Vegas favors Lucas.


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