Tuesday, November 06, 2018

The Kansas City Tuesday News Jump

Hottie Rosie is now an Internets celebrity mum but we remember her body of work and it inspires us to look at the bigger picture of today's vote:

Atlantic: Europeans Are Obsessed With the U.S. Midterms

Closer to home, these news links define our day:

Kansas City Airport Pr0n For Stalled Project Mired In Mayor Sly's FAIL

Edgemoor: KCI project work will start in early 2019 [NEW RENDERINGS] - Kansas City Business Journal

The team behind the $1.9 billion terminal project is waiting on two items before it can start construction.

Building Faith In KCMO

Catholic Charities begins construction on two homes in the Indian Mound neighborhood

Michael Bushnell Northeast News As a follow up to a story we brought you back in June, crews are erecting [...]

Union Fear On Election Day

Officials investigate suspicious letter in KCK

Haz-mat crews investigated a letter with a suspicious powder inside Tuesday morning in downtown Kansas City, Kansas.

Nearby Youngster Tragedy

Clinton boy, 4, dies after accidentally shooting himself in the head, police say

A 4-year-old boy is dead after he accidentally shot himself in the head, authorities say.

Nobody Told Them About Netflix

Leawood-based AMC Theatres will raise the price of its MoviePass rival service for some customers

AMC Theatres will soon raise the price of its movie ticketing service in more than a dozen states.

Winter Is Coming To Kansas City
You might see snow plows out tomorrow
Kansas City Hipsters Tune Out Midterm Election Return Hysteria Tonight

Tonight at RecordBar: Why?

A low-key classic of the 2000s, Why's Alopecia fused Yoni Wolf's brightly detailed backpacker rap lyrics with indie-rock production and pop tunefulne...

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

airport: where's the iconic round fountain that helped get the vote passed?

Anonymous said...

Looks boxy but spacious with not many people.

Anonymous said...

is it tornado/storm proof?

Anonymous said...

Had to sort through these links to figure out which is obviously fake and which are fabricated news

Anonymous said...

The team behind the $1.9 billion terminal project is waiting on two items before it can start construction.

Item 1 .. Wait till voters stick heads in sand
Item 2 .. Wait till voters say okay do me hard and deep

Anonymous said...

And don't forget rising interest rates, @5:28pm.
Bonds issued are becoming increasingly costly as the Fed raises rates, and are scheduled to do so again in January.
What will financing this fiasco cost by the time the final "renderings" appear?
Two billion seems conservative.