Wednesday, November 07, 2018

The Kansas City Midweek News Night Links

Hottie Miley is all grown up and getting into all kinds of fun trouble . . .

The Travel: 25 Ways Miley Cyrus Spends Her Millions All Over The World

PopCult: Miley Cyrus Tied up in Legal Battle Over Allegedly Stolen Song

Panty Promo: Miley Cyrus for Golden Lady Rock Your Legs backstage

The Friskey: Miley Cyrus Is A Proud Pansexual, For Those Of You Keeping Score At Home

W: The Miley Cyrus Blue Eyes Meme Is Either Hilarious or Deeply Unsettling

Closer to home, there's a look at our news night in this cowtown:

KC Votes

Voters In Kansas City Area Smash Past Turnout Levels Of 2014 Midterms

Voters in the Kansas City metro did as many experts expected in the midterm elections: They came out in force. Despite confusion over voter ID requirements

Freedom Tribute

2018 Veterans Day free meals, deals and discounts in KC area | The Kansas City Star

Veterans Day is Sunday, Nov. 11. There are many discounts for veterans and active duty military on that day and others. They include free or discounted meals, free haircuts and discounts on merchandise.

Local High Society

Negro Leagues Baseball Museum celebrates Buck O'Neil's 107th birthday

The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum will host a three-day celebration for the legendary Buck O'Neil, who would have turned 107 next week.

Kansas City Gator Update
Owner of 7-foot alligator found in KC home says he'll fight to get his pet back
Golden Ghetto Gets Drinks

Cocktail Party

Impress your guests with themed cocktails and a perfectly stocked bar cart.

Fake Gronk Fading Fast???

A perfect example of a "Travis Kelce is getting old" moment

Kelce is already 29, and the league's younger stars are beginning to look up to him.

Something Weather This Way Comes

Snow is on the way Thursday, but how much?

Let's get this out of the way up front. Yes, it's going to snow Thursday! But how much? Let's dive right in and get an answer.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

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