Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Show-Me Gas Tax Cash In Missouri

KC's newspaper chides voters for voting against the tax . . . Meanwhile, the STL public radio offers a bit more journalism on the topic. Take a look:

Next steps unclear after Missouri gas tax increase fails

Supporters of a plan that would have boosted Missouri's gas tax by 10 cents are plotting their next steps after voters rejected the increase Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

I was all set to vote for better roads, but when I read the actual language, the money was to go to the Highway Patrol and they had this bullshit about paralympics, which seemed totally unrelated to roads.

Back to the drawing board, folks. Give us a proposal that says the money will be used for roads and leave the unrelated crap out and you'll have better luck.

Anonymous said...

I'd have voted for it, but I know my tax dollars will be needed to take care of thousands of Hondurans invading our southern borders, so I voted no.

Gus said...

The same people support of this tax for the same assholes who steadfastly block drilling here in the United States. Until they're willing to do that they can kiss my ass for any more gas taxes.