Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Show-Me Climate Disaster Threat In Missouri

Changing temperatures caused by your SUV are killing the planet and soon to drown the state in the bitter tears of that fake Native guy crying by a littered road. Take a look:

Climate change to bring Missouri heavier rains, hotter days and major costs

A national climate report released last Friday from 13 federal agencies predicts increased flooding and hotter temperatures in Midwestern states like Missouri - and that unless carbon emissions are significantly reduced, changing climate patterns could be costly.


Anonymous said...

Because stlouis public radio says so! Hahahahaha!

Cee Bee said...

Fake news. In 20 years the Mississippi will freeze solid at St. Louis, as it did during the ice age.

Anonymous said...

I have to comment on that fake Indian guy who use to do the commercials. He stayed at a hotel I worked at back in the 80's and he wears a wig he also skipped out on his bill. The guy was a joke!

Speaking of climate change, wasn't it the Obama's who flew their dog on a plane all by himself to HI one year????? How about Leonardo DiCaprio flying his private plane to Europe just to receive an award on the environment!!!

You liberals are soooooo flipping funny.

Anonymous said...

The wealthy in this country (all of them, liberal and conservative) couldn't care less about the environment judging by many of their actions.

The only people saying "fake news" about climate change are the one's who start a sentence with "I'm not a scientist, but".

Anonymous said...



KCMO will experience cold weather this winter due to CLIMATE CHANGE!

Q: Is there anything we can do to avoid this?

A: Yes, move to the desert.

Anonymous said...

The earth is replenishing itself. Heavy rain will replenish the aquifers. The warm weather will grow the food. Winter will still be cold. And Walmart will still be open on Black Friday.

Anonymous said...

replenish the aquifers with the abundance human, industrial, and agricultural waste. worry about that BEFORE the 'flood of climate change'. Or do we ineptly flail in fear of the upcoming flood.