Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Should Voters Lament High Price Tag For Newbie Politico Lifestyle???

Local follow-up to the financial difficulties of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or a buying guide for more savvy political consultants. Checkit:

For Freshmen Lawmakers, Joining The Kansas And Missouri Legislatures Comes With A Cost

Joining the state legislature for the first time can be a lot like going off to college. There are orientations, new people to meet, room and board to sort out - comedians might say the jokes practically write themselves.

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Anonymous said...

Morons, one says he didn’t know about not getting paid for a month. Ane you have to get a place before they go in session that costs money. NO KIDDING.

Look, the elected positions are not meant to be a career, but, many make it one or a second career. And ho, I’m only going to make $18k a year, you should have checked your facts before you ran. Voters need to demand reduction in pay for all elected positions for state and fed positions.

Voters should also demand term limits! Taxpayers are not here to pay your salary as a career. IT’s a civic responsibility and if you can ‘t handle it, don’t run! And what we see are from this interview is “poor me” I need help.

Let’s check back in 4 years and see what kind of wealth they have amassed. Seems everyone gets wealthy while in office