Wednesday, November 28, 2018


More bad tidings for community news and the dead-tree industry. Here's a rather touching farewell note:

Column: Operation 100 News thanks community for support

When I learned earlier this month that the Shawnee Dispatch would be closing, I wasn't sure what to think of it. It's hard to see another newspaper end production, especially when that newspaper was covering the happenings of the city I grew up in and that I continue to call home.


Anonymous said...

The dumbing down of America in action.

It's working!

chuck said...

Maybe the family of Harry Stone can come and speak to the horrors of racism and the effects on young black males who are unfairly prosecuted by the police.

Anonymous said...

The number of section ape housing in Shawnee has put illiteracy over the 50%.

Indian Creek Hate Crime Victims said...

We would like to get more involved in this, so very important endeavor, but, of course we can't, because we are dead, killed in black on white hate crimes by an idiot too stupid to pour piss out of boot.

This idiot, killed us, because of an insane, ridiculous, specious, false narrative, that pretends that the lion's share of hate crimes are committed by whites, when in fact, they are committed by blacks.


Anonymous said...

Gosh chuck I wish you really HAD died, you're so offensive.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^^just so you'll know, when he goes he is dragging you with him.

Anonymous said...

TKC continues to celebrate the local dead tree media bad news.

It might be a little shortsighted.

Who will provide his links for local news after they all close shop?

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping the Red Star and Topeka Crapital Urinal soon follow.