Monday, November 26, 2018

Sharice Davids Supports Pelosi: Will Democratic Party Drama Dissuade JoCo???

The future Democratic Congress-lady supports her party's establishment candidate and makes the safe choice amid inner-party turmoil. Will JoCo voters take notice???

Take a look:

Kansas Democrat Sharice Davids backs Nancy Pelosi bid for House speaker

KANSAS CITY, KS (AP) -- Democratic Rep.-elect Sharice Davids plans to cast one of her first votes for Nancy Pelosi as House speaker, saying Kansans didn't elect her to go to Washington "to play political games and take symbolic protest votes."


Anonymous said...

If people think D.C. is a political cesspool you should see the tribal politics on your Indian Reservations. Sharice Davids has been swimming in that cesspool for years now.

JoCo and WyCo wanted identity politics, they got identity politics.

JoCoPost said...

Ms Dances With Promises has just broken her first promise. Said she would vote for change. Ha. Pelosi owns her. Moved her here because it was vulnerable, poured many millions into the campaign, duct-taped Sharice's mouth shut because she cannot stay on message.

There was no other candidate to Pelosi. Not exactly a tough choice.

Manchurian Congresswoman. Next up, House Bill 676, which she said she was for, then claimed not, but she will of course vote for it, it is Pelosi's bill.

Just a few problems. Will cost $32 trillion. Will outlaw private health care. Will lead to closing of such local institutions as Overland Park Regional, Menorah, Adventist/SMMCtr, Village Shalom Health Center...and stop our access to Mayo Clinic.

Sharice is a disaster. A socialist who is not part of Johnson County life. Would not know the leaders of the businesses here. To be continued...

Anonymous said...

Is she really that dumb or is she punch drunk, Joco gets what they deserve with this one

Anonymous said...

White women in Joco, who should know better, voted for Sharice simply because she has a cunt. Live with it.

Anonymous said...

It wasn’t only Joco women. Mexicans voted for her because they thought she was a Mexicans. Plus, every single homosexual voted for her. There are way more faggots in Joco than people realize.

Anonymous said...

The dumbest thing JoCo has ever done. And the first time I’ve ever been embarrassed to live here.

Anonymous said...

Kansas hands our congressional seat to the left and right coasts. As Sharice says, if you can beat her lick her.

Anonymous said...

Sharice Davids was planted in Kansas and funded by the ISIS sympathizer Obama. Same as he planted muslim refugees in Tennessee red areas and others.

I know how many lame queers there are in Johnson County I was a victim of Kansas laws when the manager of an apartment ask me to move because I wasn't gay, and I was told Kansas doesn't recognize sexual gender discrimination. You people in Johnson County need to fight this with everything you've got, scream discrimination when ever you can, get those laws changed otherwise they will shove their nasty way of life down your throat.

Anonymous said...

I read you loud and clear, Tracy at JoCoPost.

You and others tried to warn residents, but enough didn't heed the call. Now they'll see pain for a couple of years.

Anonymous said...

So Sharice is going to close Overland Park Regional, Menorah, Adventist/SMMCtr, Village Shalom Health Center...???

Tracy is finally revealed as the real dumb cunt of Joco.

Bob said...

@ 258, YOU are the idiot. This was predicted by several posters here including Tracy. You and your party in the back group will come to realize you listen to a false message when Sharice, Pelosi, Schummer and the rest of the demo-rats open their mouths.
There is noting for free and losing the healthcare industry we currently have is going to cause major problems. Where are you going to get your AIDs/HIV drugs? Nope, that will be cut off the list as too expensive. No private insurers, only the government.
You and the illegal aliens voted this woman into office. You get what they paid for.

Anonymous said...

Bob, please check into your death panel.

I can't do it for you since I'm late for pulling the plug on grandma.

We're heard this sky is falling lie many, many, many times before. STFU.

Illegals voted Davids in??? By 9 points??? Time to adjust your tinfoil hat again.